Venue Rating report for Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium

Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium

Annapolis, MD, USA

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Outside appearance
From the outside the stadium is not particularly impressive. It's a low-rise stadium that is built into a hill on one side. On one side you are met by a replica of one of the Blue Angels. On the other side it just looks like any other medium sized Stadium  
Interior first impressions
Once you get inside the stadium oh, it is a different experience. It is a good-looking Stadium that looks fairly new compared to other college football stadiums. The endzones have a bright navy and gold checkerboard pattern which brightens the field. If you walk into the stadium during March on you're at mediately smacked with the site of companies of mids marching into the stadium an organizing on the field. It becomes a sea of white uniforms when they entered the stands.  
Game day atmosphere
You know you are at Navy that's when you look up you can see an entire section of 4000 midshipman. Do you have your cannons fire after every score and on kickoffs you have the Blair of a ship's foghorn. The intro to the game includes a military flyover and a kickoff set 2 Kenny Loggins theme song from Top Gun Danger Zone on the Jumbotron with Cliffs of fighter jets taking off from an aircraft carrier. The stadium is surrounded with signage of all the naval conflicts in history. It's unique.  
Food & beverage
You have your standard fare at the concession stands, but the stadium also has a lot of private vendors where you can get everything from crab cakes, BBQ, Shave Ice, Chick-fil-A and other options  
Pre-game options
The stadium is relatively isolated from the town so there's not anything immediately nearby if you're not tailgating. They do have special sections where you can get and all you can eat free game experience inside. If you come in the night before there are plenty of great restaurants, bars, and other sites to see Indianapolis so you will definitely not be bored  
Tickets are reasonable nearest really not a bad seat in the house. Food prices are moderate, but when you're used to more expensive stadiums, it doesn't seem so bad.  
I have to say it is one of my favorite midsize stadiums to go to and much nicer than West Point. You definitely know you are at Navy as soon as you set foot in a stadium. You can't help but to feel honored uninspired being there  
Wow factor
This Stadium is more impressive then it has wow factor. It's a great place to see a game, and a must go to a real college football enthusiast.  
Surrounding area
There are not many places where you can go see a college football game that are more attractive than Annapolis. You have all of the history of a Colonial Town that was built in the 1600s, the beautiful Maryland state capitol grounds, the city dock area and Marina with beautiful Waterfront views, a downtown filled with shopping local restaurants, Anna ton of bars and coffee shops to fill your appetite. Probably one of the best places for a weekend / game experience  
Home team fans
If you are an opposing fan, this is one of the few places where you're really won't get hackles much. Fans are very respectful and you'll even find yourself rooting for Navy at times and can even have a good feeling when your team loses. Definitely a good stadium for a family game experience.  
Overall rating
Outside of a big-time SEC or Big Ten game, a game at Navy should be on every college football fans bucket list  
General comments
If you get there early, bring a cardboard box. The hill on the Eastern side of the stadium is a great one for sliding down and there are tons of kids doing it. You'll even find some adults getting involved. And unique feature at Navy is how involved midshipmen parents get. After the game oh, it is impressive to watch the New Jersey parents Association as they provide homemade meals assembly line Style to over a thousand midshipmen after every home game. It's pretty impressive to see, and they can always use an extra hand serving meals. It's a great way for kids to get up close and and chat with some of the great kids that are at the Academy  
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Sep 14, 2019  
Navy vs. East Carolina