Michie Stadium

West Point, NY, USA

Venue Rating by danno59

Venue Rating

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Outside appearance 10.00 This a temple of College football.
Interior first impressions 9.90 Wow !
Game day atmosphere 0.00 The fans and the Cadets are fired up for any game, rain or shine. Patriotism oozes in this place.
Food & beverage 9.50 Prices are fair and all proceeds go back to West Point.
Amenities/special features 9.70 Do want to go and watch the parades on the plains or watch the walk before the game. Game ball is parachuted in for opening kick-off.Fan friendly events next to Stadium.
Pre-game options 10.00 Tailgate on the Hudson River.Beauty! Go in October and see the Fall season.Take free bus up to Stadium
Prices 9.80 $40.00 and discounts available for groups over 20.
Character/ambiance 9.80 On a crisp fall Saturday afternoon, treat yourself to a game at West Point. Your friends and kids will love this journey.
Wow factor 9.90 Blanchard,Davis and Dawkins and where Lombardi coached....Oh yeah. Michie Stadium is a great spot to catch ARMY play.
Getting there/accessibility 10.00 I t gets crowded and I would leave as early as possible.I would purchase parking in advance...To save time. You may need ID on you.
Surrounding area 10.00 Simply Gorgeous !
Home team fans 10.00 They have supported the Long Gray Line for a long time.
Overall rating 10.00 This is a must see for any college football fan.Army plays for honor and pride. The Patriotic spirit exhibited by the cadets are worth the visit.I love their motto of DUTY,HONOR, COUNTRY.
General comments I have ran a road trip to West Point for 10 years. I t is a blast. We started with 4 people and this year, we are up to 25.This stadium is hallowed ground and the beauty of Michie stadium is second to none. This is a military complex, don't act like an ass and get ripped up there. You can tailgate and have cold ones... but be responsible.
Event Details
Visit date 2017-10-01
Sports Football
Game Army 31 Temple 28