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Michie Stadium

West Point, NY, USA

Venue Rating by JimConnelly

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Outside appearance
The stadium does not really look too imposing from outside. You walk passed a pond on the way from the main part of campus, so it blends into the hills. Most of the lots are a short walk away.  
Interior first impressions
It looked pretty cool - when you enter the bowl of the stadium, you are right next to the field of play. It is probably the closest you will ever get to a major college field. some of the entry tunnels are right behind the team benches, so you can literally tap the players on the back (don't try it though!)  
Game day atmosphere
It is a different kind of experience at Army. You have the cadets marching in and the military pomp. that is really what the experience is! People there are really into it and it makes for a great atmosphere.  
Food & beverage
Standard ballpark fare. Concessions are under the stands and it can be very cramped and dark. Nothing too exciting on the menu.  
Amenities/special features
the students are part of the novelty there. It is fun to see them having a good time knowing how tough the Academy can be every other day. They have a mini tank on the sidelines, pre-game is really cool to watch and they have special military presentations throughout the game.  
Pre-game options
Tailgating it is. The town of West Point is very tiny and not much there. So, pack a grill and make it something!  
Not terrible on food prices. Can get a huge much of hot cocoa for a decent price. Food is about average cost. Go to the USMA bookstore for better merchandise. It is down the hill from stadium.  
I can see why people love games here. It is really intimate and the military adds an aura to it. Best to see a game in late September or October here! The foliage is part of the beauty here!  
Wow factor
People able to stand right behind the benches is really cool!  
Getting there/accessibility
There are only 3 entrances onto the academy grounds and the checkpoints can back up - so get there early and tailgate!  
Surrounding area
In the fall, it is great to just tour the area. Bear Mountain State Park is nearby with some great hikes I hear. The Hudson River views are gorgeous. Fall foliage is also very special there.  
Home team fans
You can tell it has bee a rough couple of decades there. Fans can be quiet even when Army is winning.  
Overall rating
This is a college football bucket list destination for sure. When you see the major SEC or Big Ten stadiums, this gives you a flavor that they cannot.  
Event details
Visit date
Sep 30, 2017  
UTEP @ Army