Venue Rating report for Prudential Center

Prudential Center

Newark, NJ, USA

Venue Rating by AndyB

Venue Rating

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Outside appearance
The arena is a mix of brick and glass. The corners have large glass foyers, but the arena does not jump out at you like other major arena do  
Interior first impressions
The arena does have wide concourses and is bright and airy. The wall of hockey jersey from all area high school teams is pretty cool.  
Game day atmosphere
There is a lot of red in the arena, but for a midweek game against a good Chicago team, it was somewhat quiet. Arena was about 2/3 full  
Food & beverage
A lot of you stadium standards, so not too much unique offerings.  
Pre-game options
Ironbound is the place to go nearby for food - better after the game when you can enjoy the meal. Around the arena are a few eateries, but they tend to be expensive for the amount of food that you get.  
Top tier prices for standard fare.  
It is a good place to watch a game. It is wide out inside the bowl and almost everything is a good seat.  
Wow factor
There is nothing you are really going to say "wow" about here.  
Getting there/accessibility
If you come by train, Penn Station Newark is about a 5-10 minute walk through Gateway Center. If you drive, good luck! Parking is very expensive and the access roads to the arena are terrible. If Newark could ever sequence their traffic lights the right way, it might get better. It will take you an hour to get out of the city!  
Surrounding area
Not impressive. If you go down Market Street after a game, it gets shady very quickly. Going from Gateway Center to the arena is fine though - well lit and lots of cops.  
Home team fans
Overall rating
It's an OK arena. It is a nice place to see a game, but not something that you will go too crazy for.  
Event details
Ice Hockey  
Chicago Blackhawks vs NJ Devils