Venue Rating report for Jack Trice Stadium

Jack Trice Stadium

Ames, IA, USA

Venue Rating by JamesSuarez

Venue Rating

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Outside appearance
A concrete structure with little coloring and decoration, Jack Trice does not try to convince you it is anything more than a football stadium  
Interior first impressions
Metal benches on a purely concrete facility is basic in design.  
Game day atmosphere
For so long Iowa State has been the punching bag of the Big XII conference. Now that the team is seeing success, ISU fans are refusing to back down from intimidation and rivalries. The crowd is loud and energetic, and the energy is contagious.  
Food & beverage
Pretty standard.  
Iowa State has only recently become a rather respected team, so the pricing is still fairly low compared to other games. expect anywhere from $10-over $100 depending on the game.  
This is a crowd of simple folk who have for the longest time had to endure 2-10 and 3-9 seasons. What you can expect is a crowd that is ready to finally topple established powerhouses. The character is a stadium that exemplifies the ultimate underdog.  
Wow factor
The facility is honest in design, don't expect too much.  
Getting there/accessibility
public transportation, numerous parking lots, and close to a walking campus makes getting to Jack Trice easy no matter where you park.  
Surrounding area
This is a respectable sized Iowa town. The surroundings of the stadium is the small skyline of the University in the distance, Hilton Coliseum, and some neighborhood housing. It is spacious and easy on the eyes.  
Home team fans
Iowa State fans are realists. They do not trash talk, and for the most part understand the perception others have on their team as being a weak, small town team of country folk. That being said, they are not a crowd that will bend over easily, they are loud and demand that those who come to their home fight for their victories.  
Overall rating
Jack Trice is a basic stadium stadium in a simple college town filled to capacity with simple, easy-going people. It will not wow you, but it is a good place to watch some football on a Saturday in Autumn.  
Event details
Iowa State vs. Texas 2013