Venue Rating report for Chase Field

Chase Field

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Venue Rating

Ratings survey
Outside appearance
Looks inviting from the outside. Makes you want to go see the game.  
Interior first impressions
you first go through a bar area with misters before going through the gates then inside you can see the game as soon as you get through the doors. It looks like it’s on and as a fan you are psyched. Love the dbacks golf cart from the bullpen.  
Game day atmosphere
I love to do the wave and the crowd is ready to go. The organ sets it all off. The crowds are great and the score board is amazing. Love the siren.  
Food & beverage
Food is amazing whether you want to spend a bunch or are on a budget. There is everything and anything available.  
Amenities/special features
I want to paint at the park but I always go for Mother’s Day. I’d like to catch fireworks too. I wish there were more giveaways like Kauffman Stadium has T shirt Tuesday and there seem to be more of them. Love the Taco Bell tacos and I live on them when they get 5 runs.  
Love the legends and Baxter.  
Wow factor
Love the roof and the whole idea of roof open or closed. It’s a big wow when there are fireworks. I’d set more off for like home runs or the line up or when they win if the roof was open.  
Overall rating
They could do with more fireworks and more giveaways. But the stadium is , welcoming, team oriented. The legends are always available to take a pic with you. Clean and great food!  
Event details
Visit date
May 13, 2019  
Diamondbacks vs Braves