AT&T Park

San Francisco, CA, USA

Venue Rating by danno59

Venue Rating

Ratings Survey
Outside appearance 9.70 Beautiful exterior
Interior first impressions 9.70 THis is a major improvement over Candlestick Park.
Game day atmosphere 9.70 There is a lot of Orange and Black
Food & beverage 0.00 Good
Amenities/special features 0.00 We went to Irish night and got a Green Giants cap.
Pre-game options 0.00 You could trip over good bars
Prices 0.00 Drink and eat before hand .
Character/ambiance 10.00 This is a top five Major league baseball park.
Wow factor 9.70 The fog rolls in at about the fouth inning.
Getting there/accessibility 9.80 Uber your way if drinking.
Surrounding area 0.00 You are safe and a good time will be had.
Home team fans 10.00 Great ! Love their Giants.
Overall rating 9.80 No ballpark is a 10.0
General comments San Francisco's Ball park is a beauty. Don't miss it.
Event Details
Visit date 2004-08-01
Sports Baseball
Game Giants defeated Phillies 7-4.