Venue Rating report for Camden Yards

Camden Yards

Baltimore, MD, USA

Venue Rating by AndyB

Venue Rating

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Outside appearance
Outside has an industrial look to it to blend with its surroundings. It's not particularly exciting. More understated then impressive.  
Interior first impressions
The industrial theme continues as you go in. Everything is brick-faced and you start to get overwhelmed with the Orioles orange. Like the Welcome to Orioleland banner for those selfies!  
Game day atmosphere
The stadium is pretty full but the atmosphere was pretty quiet. Must be that the Orioles are just not very competitive and fell behind early.  
Food & beverage
There are a lot of food options and local places too. The prices were really high though - amount the more pricey parks i have been too.  
Amenities/special features
The iconic warehouse wall is pretty cool. Although, I was surprised to see it is actually detached from the stadium with a pedestrian plaza separating it from the right field stands. There are a number of features on the plaza including the Orioles wall of fame.  
Pre-game options
The stadium is pretty isolated with parking lots and highways around it. The convention center is several blocks away with some dining options, but it is not exactly a "pre-game" spot. There are a couple of bars in the area, but limited choices.  
Stadium prices were actually pretty expensive even by major league standards!  
The ambiance to the stadium has probably waned as new parks have opened. It was still impressive given that this once one of the trend setters back in the day...  
Wow factor
Knowing the history of the stadium, it still has charm and the ambiance.  
Getting there/accessibility
Right off the highway and accessible.  
Surrounding area
Industrial and run down. Probably not a place to hang out.  
Home team fans
Loyal, but deprived. The Orioles need to be relevant again to re-charm the fanbase,  
Overall rating
It's a must see stadium because of it's role in leading th charge for baseball specific stadiums and throw back designs. But, it is has fallen back to the pack as new parks have opened.  
Event details
Visit date
May 28, 2018  
Baltimore Orioles vs Washington Nationals