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Etihad Stadium

Manchester, , Eng

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Outside appearance
The outside appearance is truly a wonderful sight. Before even walking into the stadium, you enter the entire stadium complex which is very different from many traditional stadiums in England. Most traditional stadiums in the UK don't usually have an entire sports complex around them so this makes the Etihad feel very unique. It definitely adds to the more modern design of the Etihad.  
Interior first impressions
My first impressions were that the Etihad was truly a magnificent stadium from the inside. When I went to this game, it was also the first season where they expanded the two stands behind the goal so the stadium was even bigger than previous years.  
Game day atmosphere
The game day atmosphere was electric since it was such a big game. The way all the home fans chanted and got behind their team was incredible. There was even some competition between the away fans and some sections of home fans to see who was louder. Also since this was one of those games that happened soon after the tragic incident involving the Chapecoense football team in 2016, the stadium had a moment of silence prior to the game and gave their respects.  
Food & beverage
There was a wide variety of food and beverages. Their fries with gravy were delicious. They even had a wide variety of pub grub to choose from like a steak and ale pie for example.  
Pre-game options
Pre-game there was a lot of cool little carts set up outside the stadium selling stuff from club apparel to food. There was also a team mascot going around and taking pictures with people. it was a very enjoyable pre-game atmosphere.  
The prices weren't too bad. For example, my ticket only cost me around 40 pounds and I got a great view of the pitch from where I was sitting. Food and beverage prices weren't that expensive either, with a pint of beer costing around 4 pounds.  
Getting there/accessibility
The accessibility to the stadium was excellent. The stadium is only about a 20-minute walk from the Manchester Piccadilly Train Station. You can get to that train station from almost every major city in the UK. There is also a huge parking lot complex behind the stadium if you are driving there and want to park your car close to the stadium.  
Surrounding area
Right outside the stadium is a huge sports complex with many other facilities belonging to the club. Right outside the complex though are mostly residential housing and a few local pubs. Right down the road, there are more shops and restaurants. The entire stadium complex is around a 30-minute walk from the Manchester city center.  
Home team fans
The home team fans were excellent and chanted all game long. They always got behind their team and even tried to motivate them when they went behind in the game.  
Overall rating
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Visit date
Dec 03, 2016  
Manchester City vs Chelsea