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Stadium of Light

Sunderland, , ENG

Venue Rating by Jon_Arouca

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Outside appearance
From the outside, the stadium looks like a traditional British stadium with the base being made out of brick.  
Interior first impressions
I was very surprised to find out Sunderland's stadium was so big. Although Sunderland isn't one of the bigger clubs in England their stadium holds around 50k people.  
Game day atmosphere
The atmosphere was very lively for a midweek game with a very late kickoff. The game started at 7:45 PM GMT which meant the game ended close to 10 PM. Although this was the case there were still many fans at the stadium chanting and supporting their team all game long.  
Since I sat in the away end, I got my ticket through the Chelsea website which at the time had all away tickets priced at 30 pounds.  
Wow factor
Once you start approaching the stadium you get to see all these murals, statues etc. of former players and key moments from Sunderland's history. I thought this was awesome because it gave the fans a timeline of events of the club's history which is quite meaningful for newer fans who probably didn't witness some of these older events or players.  
Surrounding area
The surrounding area was mostly residential housing with a few pubs nearby.  
Home team fans
As I mentioned earlier the home team fans showed up in huge numbers although this was a Wednesday night game. Throughout the game, they chanted and kept supporting their team until the final whistle.  
Overall rating
Event details
Visit date
Dec 14, 2016  
Sunderland vs Chelsea