Venue Rating report for Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge

Fulham, , ENG

Venue Rating by Jon_Arouca

Venue Rating

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Outside appearance
The stadium has a very unique design from the outside. The way that the roofs for the stands looked along with the lighting during the night was a great sight.  
Interior first impressions
My first impression was that for a stadium that holds around 40k it was very compact. Also, there was a unique part of the shed end where there was a wall that had the Chelsea FC name and the name of the stand. You could see this part of the stand from all the other stands in the stadium, it was a unique design that you often don't see in other stadiums.  
Game day atmosphere
The atmosphere during the game was incredible. I sat in the Matthew Harding stand which is behind the goal so there were a lot of supporter groups alongside me. The chanting started from the beginning of the game and didn't end until the final whistle. This surprised me a lot considering it wasn't a very important game too, it was Chelsea vs Bournemouth. This showed that the fans were very passionate about the team and were always behind the team and the players.  
Food & beverage
The food and beverage options were great. There were many selections of beer, both local and imported from abroad. The prices were very reasonable but some of the imported beers were a bit more expensive which is to be expected. The food options were the norm for most English teams, they had a variety of options including pub foods like steak and ale pies. These prices were a bit pricey compared to the beer.  
Amenities/special features
There weren't that many I can think of. But one that really stood out was the original Shed End wall was up behind the Shed End stand of the stadium. The club has turned that into a very interesting exhibit because they have put up many signs on it about the history of Chelsea FC.  
Pre-game options
Pre-game there was an opportunity to meet the team mascots outside the stadium. The megastore was also available to purchase team clothing and apparel.  
Prices generally weren't that expensive as they hovered between 30 to 45 pounds. The club was also very student friendly and offered 15 pound tickets to certain games for students.  
Wow factor
Getting there/accessibility
Getting to the stadium isn't too hard considering that it's in London and you can just take the subway to the Fulham Broadway stop which is only a 5-minute walk from the stadium.  
Surrounding area
The surrounding area is very nice and includes many stores and restaurants. There is also a shopping plaza and a hotel nearby.  
Home team fans
The home team fans were incredible from the first whistle until the game ended. They never stopped chanting, and also certain supporter groups would challenge other supporter groups throughout the stadium to see who could chant the loudest.  
Overall rating
Event details
Visit date
Dec 26, 2016  
Chelsea vs Bournemouth