Venue Rating report for Red Bull Arena

Red Bull Arena

Harrison, NJ, USA

Venue Rating by saa95

Venue Rating

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Outside appearance
It's a unique venue from the outside, but comparing it to something such as MetLife or Yankee stadium, it could be better visually. The parking area was a little bit confusing and gravel, but the stadium itself was exciting to enter.  
Interior first impressions
The stadium was easy to navigate. I was surprised by how many concession stands they had at Red Bull Arena, I felt like I walked by at least 20 near my section & that's more stands than most other arena's have in total. Talking about the seats, they were a lot more comfortable than what you would find in something like the Barclays Center or MetLife. They were closer to the action, provided enough leg room, and you weren't placed in a way where you were blocked from seeing anything.  
Game day atmosphere
The game started out slow, the Seattle Sounders fans were showing their spirit from the get go, but it took some time for the Red Bull fans to get into it. Overall, I'd say it was a better atmosphere than going to a Yankees game vs anybody but the Red Sox. So all in all, it was quite the experience. Especially with the celebrations that occurred for each goal scored.  
Food & beverage
I didn't get any food/drinks during the game but I could have easily gotten some if I wanted to. As mentioned before, there were concession stands everywhere. I saw people with tall boys & others with quality chicken tenders so I would definitely be interested in checking out the food next go around.  
Amenities/special features
I have never been to a game where the fan section pulls out huge team flags, beats a drum, and blast out red smoke anytime a point is scored. That was something every sports fan needs to experience at least once in their lifetime.  
Soccer fans are a lot different from a lot of other sports. I feel as though they have the most passion for their respective teams but hold respect for their opponents when its due. I saw Clint Dempsey walk by our section & wave and even though he was on the opposing team, both New York and Seattle fans applauded. He may be on the away team, but being the captain of Team USA has earned him a lifetime of respect from all soccer fans.  
Wow factor
The stadium impressed me, visually it was nicer than most stadiums I have been to. The giant playback screens were great, the different types of fans were great & the game itself was great. I have nothing but positives to say about this experience.  
Overall rating
Coming into this game, having not been in a professional soccer stadium before, I can say I was impressed by what I saw. The seats, regardless of where you were, were closer to the action than most other stadiums. The atmosphere was great, with the crowd cheering and complaining as they saw fit. The food looked amazing & the game was great, with both teams putting in tremendous effort.  
Event details
Visit date
Jun 13, 2018  
New York Red Bull's vs Seattle Sounders FC