Venue Rating report for Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

Bronx, NY, USA

Venue Rating by Nzararis

Venue Rating

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Outside appearance
The ode to the original Yankee stadium are very cool, this is probably the best concept the whole stadium has going for it  
Interior first impressions
while you can see parts of the field from the concession areas, it leads to an extremely cluttered concourse with not a ton of space especially on the upper levels  
Game day atmosphere
This varies game to game, meaningful games draw a more intense crowd, random weeknight inter league play doesn’t exactly feel like a lion’s den  
Food & beverage
Exactly what you expect, prices are slightly more reasonable than expected but still expensive. Food is very hit or miss depending on what you get to eat  
Amenities/special features
If you can treat yourself and do the legend’s seats once, you absolutely have to. The sticker price is daunting, but the buffet and waiter service make it entirely worth it if you use it smartly  
The old stadium was infinitely better at this, this feels like corporations the ballpark  
Wow factor
It’s a baseball stadium, some bad sight lines especially in the outfield.  
Overall rating
It’s definitely a decent ballpark, but the old stadium was infinitely better. This isn’t a hard place to play and it felt less class warfare than this iteration.  
Event details
Visit date
Jun 13, 2019  
Yankees Cardinals