Venue Rating report for Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

Bronx, NY, USA

Venue Rating by AndyB

Venue Rating

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Outside appearance
The new exterior losses some of the charm of the old stadium, but still gets you excited to step inside!  
Interior first impressions
It is everything you thought it would be! It is just impressive to step inside and see all those little things you see on TV! Your eyes automatically get draw to the top of the stadium and the iconic Yankee Stadium "fence." The field just beckons history and the advertising in the stadium really is overwhelming! It is probably one of the most impressive "first impressions" you will have in a stadium!  
Game day atmosphere
New York can be a fair weather town, but people always are excited in Yankee stadium - both for and against the team! It is loud, it is boistrous, and a great atmosphere to see a game!  
Food & beverage
Your standard fair is fine, but if you have the money to shell out on Legends Club seats (or a friend who can give your tickets), you will really see how the other half lives! Very impressive! The rest is fine, but does not really have that local flare - instead the options go out to the highest bidder, it seems...  
Amenities/special features
This is one of the best things about Yankee Stadium - there is just so much history around you! The Yankees museum is tucked away in the stadium, but a good reason to go early to check it all out before the crowds come in. It is probably the second best baseball museum outside of Cooperstown.  
Pre-game options
There are some sports bars right alongside the stadium, but this is not a place you want to venture too far away from. It can get sketchy quickly!  
$15 beers, $10 hot dogs - you can pay with a mortgage at any kiosk!  
Yankee Stadium is all about character. You know exactly where you are the minute you step inside!  
Wow factor
The Wow is more in the history than in the impressiveness of it.  
Getting there/accessibility
The subway is the best way to go, although it is very crowded after the game. Driving is tough and parking is very expensive!  
Surrounding area
It's better than it used to be, but still not a place to go venture out on your own.  
Home team fans
There's a reason it's called a Bronx cheer!!!  
Overall rating
If you are a baseball fan, this is a go to place for you. You will be hard-pressed to find a more impressive stadium or one that captures more of the history of the game than this one.!  
Event details
Visit date
Jul 08, 1995  
Yankees vs Seattle Mariners