Venue Rating report for Audi Field

Audi Field

Washington, DC, USA

Venue Rating by Jon_Arouca

Venue Rating

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Outside appearance
For a relatively small stadium capacity wise, the stadium looked quite big from the outside. It had a very unique and compact design, that you could even see parts of the pitch from the outside of the stadium through the openings by the corners.  
Interior first impressions
The interior was very nice. The stadium was very compact on the inside so fans who were sitting in the first few rows would be very close to the pitch. I sat in the away end and my only complaint about the interior design was how steep it was to get to the upper sections where we were located.  
Game day atmosphere
The atmosphere was quite electric. The stadium had its own DJ who played pre-game music to hype up the team and fans during the warm-up.  
Food & beverage
There was a variety of options to choose from when it came to food and beverages. My only complaint was that the prices were rather expensive.  
Amenities/special features
Pre-game options
Unfortunately, I didn't get to the game that early so if there were any pre-game events or activities going on I probably missed them.  
The prices for food and beverages was quite expensive. I guess it makes sense since this is a relatively new stadium. But still charging $5 for a water bottle, and then between $15 and $20 for a certain type of hot dog is ridiculous. DC United should really look into what Atlanta United are doing at the Mercedes-Benz stadium with their food and beverage prices, which have gotten positive reviews from many fans.  
Wow factor
I was surprised at how close the pitch felt even though I was sitting in the upper section of the stadium. Because of the compactness of the stadium, no matter where you sit you'll feel very close to the pitch.  
Getting there/accessibility
Accessibility to the stadium was excellent. It's placed right in between two metro stops and is very close to the exit ramp from the Interstate.  
Surrounding area
The surrounding area was very nice with some businesses and apartment complexes that were recently built or renovated. There was also a college campus near the stadium too, so there were a few busy streets with many shops, restaurants, and local pubs.  
Home team fans
I don't know if it was because the game I went to was on Easter Sunday, but not many DC United fans showed up and there were quite a bit of empty seats throughout the stadium. The home team fans were also very quiet and didn't make much noise throughout the 90 minutes. Although the away section was small we were often louder than the rest of the stadium.  
Overall rating
I really enjoyed the stadium and loved how compact it was, which made it feel like the pitch was very close. My only complaint I had was that the food and beverage prices were rather expensive. Overall though I had a great experience and I would definitely return to this stadium for another away game in the future.  
Event details
Visit date
Apr 21, 2019  
DC United vs New York City FC