:Fanteractive is the place where fans come to Fanteract!

About Us

Fanteractive is the ultimate fan engagement portal providing fans with a unique set of tools to engage in the global sports landscape!

Traditionally, fans roles were limited to being spectators and letting the “professionals” drive sport and the dialogue around it. However, today’s fans are more knowledgeable, fervent, and analytical than ever before. Yet, the sports world has never had a true way to quantify and digest fan sentiments until now. Sites like Bleacher Report, SB Nation or YardBarker provided a landing spot for fan-generated articles, but haven’t gone much farther than that.

Fanteractive provide our Fanagers – short for “Fan-Managers” with the tools to get into the action. Fanagers have access to analytical tools to grade their team performance and set expectations. You can scout talent and grade player performance. You can rate stadiums and venues you have visited based on standard categories. You can use their knowledge and skills to predict game performance. They can track, trend, and analyze virtually all facets of the sports industry. Oh, and if you want, you can also post articles about it too!

Not all Fanagers are created equally either. Some played a particular sport in college or professionally. Others continue to coach or officiate and otherwise participate in the game. So, Fanteractive has built a Sports Resume feature too to help the Fanager community know just where you are coming from in your analysis. Obviously, you should be rewarded for your experience and what you know, which is why Fanteractive has built your Sports Resume into our Fanager Tier Rating (FTR) and Fanager Quotient (FQ). The FTR and FQ scores help others know and rate each other as well making Fanteractive one big interactive sports community!

Fanteractive is, after all, “fan interactive” – as the name suggests. The idea was conceive by sports industry pros who know the industry and also have seen how insiders marginalize the fan base as not “knowing anything.” To the contrary, fans know a lot. We also played the game, study and analyze the games, and know a lot more than we are often given credit for. Fanteractive is about all of us- the true fans!

Fanteractive will ultimately stretch across the sports landscape to cover all facets of the sports landscape – not just the major leagues and not just the football, basketball, baseball events that traditional media focuses on (although they will not be ignored either).