My Scouting Report for Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson

Duke Blue Devils (MBB)
PF | SF | |
United States

Scouting Analysis

Players Scouting Analytics by tirdodbehbehani . Position :Power Forward [PF]

Skill Attribute
Speed (Lateral)
Unbelievable lateral quickness and acceleration. Provides so many opportunities for him on both ends, but particularly on defense. Might get even faster if he cuts a bit of weight, perhaps to around 260lbs
Speed (Agility)
Moves great for his body. Can blow by defenders who sag off and/or beat them to the spot. Can get to the cup from the three point line in one dribble
Dribbling Ability
Great dribbling for his size and frame, showcases this well in transition. Dribbles with his head up. Goes to the crossover and spin move often. Struggles dribbling with his off-hand though; if his defender makes him go right he will spin back to his left regardless of circumstance
Passing Ability
Can hit the open man, especially in transition. Not the best at fitting it into tight windows, but doesn't put himself in those situations often
Free Throws
Gets to free throw line at remarkable rate (48.9FTr) but poor free throw shooter (65.7%)
Long range shot consistency (3s)
Not a great shooter. Release comes from the side of the head. Takes it when the defense gives it to him. Some promise there however, shooting 2/6 (33.3%) from top of the key and 6/19 (31.9%) from left wing. If he can develop any semblance of a three point shot, he'll be unstoppable
Mid-range shot consistency
Too few attempts to judge. 3/5 shooting through 22 games
Decision Making
Solid overall. Makes great reads in transition and waits until the defender gets sucked in before making the pass. One complaint I have is that sometimes he doesn't pass out of the post when help d comes, tends to force up tough shot instead
Ability to Finish in the lane
More than strong enough to finish through contact, gets to rim with ease at high frequency.
Effective Post up
Great from both blocks, can get to wherever he wants. Goes almost exclusively with his left hand. Struggles when defense commits extra defender to him. Relies almost entirely on strength as opposed to technique, may reduce effectiveness at next level
Soft Touch around Rim
Uses combination of agility, strength, and a likely record setting vertical to hit shots at the rim at an elite rate (75.4%)
Patience with the Ball
A bit of a mixed bag. There are numerous instances in which he employs a wealth of pump fakes and hesitation moves to get his defender in the air, and other times that he goes up for a shot while being double/triple teamed and doesn't pass to the open man. Likely will iron out kinks
Play off the Ball
Just gets in the dunker spot and tries to post up his defender. Recognizes when he's open for a lob. If he develops a 3 point shot hopefully this evolves
Elite rebounder on both ends. Good awareness, can get around/outleap defenders to get boards he has no business getting. Could box out a little better, relies on strength and vertical
Defensive Effectiveness (Man to Man)
Has the tools to be an elite defender coupled with solid Defensive IQ. Great foot speed when guarding on the perimeter, but feet occasionally get tangled up when he switches from slide-->chase. On Ball Defensive Stance could be a little better. Can get stuck in mud at times when guarding smaller, quick players
Defensive Effectiveness (Zone)
Little to no sample size. Doesn't fit his style because when he gambles and misses there's a wide open zone of the floor
Blocking Ability
Great timing. Is able to get incredibly high and get hands up to block shots at a solid rate
Lots of steals/deflections, borne out of uber-aggressive defensive style. Gambles a lot, either results in steal -->breakaway dunk or he's out of position. Can be coached to be more disciplined in this regard
Leadership Ability
Shows good rapport with teammates, credits them for success as opposed to being all "Me me me." Not as easy to assess given wealth of talent surrounding him
Very charismatic, well-rounded, humble. High motor
Athleticism, strength, lateral quickness, post ups, transition offense, rebounding, attacking off the dribble and finishing, foot speed
Shooting (both in mechanics and percentage), remaining constantly engaged on defense, defensive discipline, off-hand dribbling
Overall Analysis
Has all the tools to be a superstar in this league for a long time. Unquestioned #1 prospect in this year's draft
Compares to
Charles Barkley
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak