My Scouting Report for Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz

Team : Philadelphia Eagles | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Tight End [TE]

Zach Ertz runs a 40-yard dash and has the speed to beat LBs in coverage. He also has the speed to find holes and gain separation.
Pass Catching
Zach Ertz is a phenomenal pass catcher, who only had a 4% drop rate, which extremely minuscule compared to the record-setting 126 catches he had last season.
Route Running
Zach Ertz is a superb route runner who is outstanding at running crisp routes, with good cuts. As a result, he is able to successfully seal off his defender in coverage and complete catches in open space or in traffic. However, Ertz needs to improve at shredding press/tight coverage.
Ertz doesn't possess the upper body strength to shred press coverage, nor the lower body strength to be an effective run blocker. Moreover, he doesn't possess the strength to break tackles.
Run Blocking
Zach Ertz is an inconsistent run blocker, who frequently fails to stand his ground against defensive tackles.
Ertz has the ability to elude defenders and force missed tackles, and he has the ability to change directions quickly while running routes.
Run After Catch
Ertz can gain yardage in open space but has trouble making defenders miss consistently or breaking tackles.
Big Play Ability
Zach Ertz isn't the same deep threat or big-play threat as George Kittle is, but he does have the ability to make spectacular catches in traffic and be one of the most reliable tight ends in the red zone.
Zach Ertz has a history of concussions in the past and has had injuries to his groin, chest, knee, and hamstring.
Zach Ertz is an elite tight end, who broke the record for most receptions for a tight end in a single season. He also was able to be the Eagles' most reliable receiver and put up 1,265 yards. However, he could improve and be a more productive blocker.
Zach Ertz is a great guy who is supportive of his teammates and has no history of legal issues. He has won the NFLPA community award and he and his wife, Julie Ertz have their own foundation.
Zach Ertz has good toughness, chemistry with his quarterback and shows good effort, however, he could have better blocking awareness. He also has the IQ necessary to find the hole in zone coverage.
Ertz is without a doubt, the most reliable and consistent receiver on the Eagles, however, he could be a more consistent blocker.
Zach Ertz is the most reliable receiver on the Philadelphia Eagles and has some of the best hands in the NFL. He is able to seal off defenders after running crisp routes and then use his catch radius to make catches in open space or complete catches in traffic. Ertz runs a full route tree and is probably the best route-running tight end in the NFL. In fact, Ertz has the receiving skills to occasionally play WR on the outside. Ertz is especially deadly at the intermediate range, due to his ability to run double routes and outrun most LBs across the middle and on the sidelines in zone coverage. Moreover, while Ertz is far from the fastest tight end in the NFL, he is one of the most agile TEs, and as a result, he gains significant separation and sometimes breaks his defenders' ankles.
Most of Zach Ertz's weaknesses pertain to his lack of lower and upper body strength compared to other tight-ends. For instance, Ertz has difficulty shredding press/tight coverage because he isn't physical enough to stop them from jamming him at the line of scrimmage. Furthermore, Ertz is unable to hold his ground in the run blocking game and doesn't have the ability to break tackles once he catches the ball. This inability to break tackles is a big reason why Ertz isn't that effective at gaining YAC and limits his big-play capability. However, the biggest area where Ertz needs to improve is the run blocking game, where his technique and strength needs to get better.
Overall Analysis
The most reliable receiving tight end in the NFL is Zach Ertz. He is a terrific pass catcher whose route running enables him to get open consistently, especially at the intermediate level. Ertz was the favorite skill player for both Carson Wentz and Nick Foles as a result of his productive, consistent play in the receiving game coupled with his ability to spot open holes in zone coverage. However, while Ertz is terrific at getting open, he lacks the ability to be productive at gaining YAC. Additionally, if Ertz ever wants to develop into a well-rounded, versatile TE, he is going to need to improve his blocking in both the run and passing games. Nonetheless, Ertz is at the peak of his career and should be prime for another terrific receiving season.
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