My Scouting Report for Yetur Gross-Matos

Yetur Gross-Matos

Team : Carolina Panthers | Sports : Football | Position : DE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mrossi78 . Position :Defensive End [DE]

Power Moves
Not violent enough at the point of attack. Length is an advantage to hit the OT before they can hit him. Has to use better leverage to get under the O-lineman's pads. Gets caught up more often than not. When he stalls he is good at resetting for secondary rush. Needs to be more urgent converting speed to power.
Finesse Moves
Has a good inside move where he two-hand swipes away the OT's hands away from his body and gets separation. A good counter move if he can develop a bull rush. Shows an outside swipe move as well. Lack of elite speed and acceleration makes him less of a threat to turn the corner. Can improve if he develops a plan and hand moves. Doesn't show the ability to dip his shoulder and bend.
Inconsistent out of a 3 or 4 point stance. First steps are just okay for an edge rusher. Much quicker from a stand up edge rush technique. Has flashes of great burst upfield but only a few times a game. Easy to see benefits when game plans let him pin his ears back and rush. For example the Purdue game he looks much quicker than against a downhill running team like Michigan. Flashes are freaky.
Block Shedding
Relies on athleticism to get away from blocks. Needs to work on his hands and lock out strength. Got stuck on blocks against better competition. Was able to reset for secondary rushes when he was blocked on initial try. Athletic ability allows him to play with his head up and shed his block quick enough to pursue the ball. Will be a learning curve at the NFL level. Can be moved off the LOS by power.
Hits with a ton of force right on target and uses his length to wrap up. Loves to hit the ball carrier. Can improve on his leg swipe tackles for QBs breaking the pocket and outside speed runs.
Great motor and straight line speed is above average when chasing plays from behind. Sometimes looks like he is trying to read and react mid rush instead of pressing the issue to the ball carrier.
Always pursuing to the whistle. Doesn't take plays off. Has tendency to try to read and react mid rush
Doesn't have a great first few steps but is good in a straight line. More nimble than most guys his size. Speed isn't explosive but can open up and run. Was projected to run around a 4.7 40 yard dash at the combine but didn't run.
Injured his hand in the Ohio State game and was held out against Rutgers the next week, likely precautionary. Should be able to hold up well.
6'5 and 265 lbs. Pretty close to ideal for his position. I don't see much more room for him to gain weight and maintain his current speed. Hopefully he can maximize what room he has left.
No concerns.
Great at working his hips to set the edge on outside runs. Needs some work on his stance, doesn't get the power out of his first step or explosion of a top tier rusher. Needs to work on his hands and developing a plan in his pass rush. Closer to a ball of clay than a finished product. Plays high. Has a great inside counter move.
Great motor, highly competitive, quick to read the play. Not the emotional leader/ captain but a huge energy and presence on the Penn State defense. Lead by example.
From the games I've watched he has been a steady performer. Performance and production year to year was relatively similar. Brings energy on every play. Initial burst off the line is inconsistent.
Raw athleticism is apparent in his short area quickness and instincts. He redirects in his rush well especially on his inside hand swipe counter move. He also resets quickly for a secondary rush when his first one stalls. He has freaky length with 34.5 inch arms at 6'5. He shows flashes of above average burst upfield but not consistently. He is a sure tackler and pursues well to the ball. Doesn't take plays off. Has good speed when given the opportunity to run. Ideal size for the position. Good guy to have in the locker room and has a big presence on the field. Uses hips and length well to set the edge in run game. Good balance.
Power rush rarely leads to pressures and sacks. Often gets caught up by the tackle because his punch is mistimed and not violent enough. Doesn't quickly convert speed to power. Plays high and loses leverage because he is caught looking for the ball. Only has a few moves in his pass rush arsenal. Doesn't show the ability to dip and bend the edge. Needs to improve his hand usage and develop a plan in his pass rush. Needs time in a weight room and technique work. Can be washed down on the LOS. Although very athletic, he's not explosive. Can have problems identifying in the run game and lose his gap integrity.
Overall Analysis
Yetur Gross-Matos is a rare breed of "raw athlete" whose production is already indicative his traits. That's a scary thought when you think about all the room he still has room left to improve. He needs a little work in the weight room still and some technique coaching which he will get at the NFL level. He offers more than just pass rush so defensive coordinators will be confident leaving him on the field for 3 downs early on in his career. He likely starts off as a situational rusher who can bully a guard inside or pin his ears back and collapse the pocket from the edge. I think his best fit is at 4-3 Defensive end because he is clearly much better moving forward than dropping back in coverage. The only concern athletically is he is not an "explosive" or "twitchy" athlete which helps tremendously on the edge. However, he has rare length and short area/ change of direction quickness which helps make up for that. There will be a team that loves his potential and will draft him in the first round if they have a need at edge. My prediction is he will go in the 23-30 range where there are a few needy teams and many GMs are willing to bet on guys like him. One surprise team to watch out for is the Cowboys at pick 17 who might value his body type and skillset over a K'Lavon Chaisson, whom many have mocked them to pick. Overall, I think he has a decent floor and a high ceiling as a guy who already has production but also has a ton of room to learn and grow his game. Still, he is a few years away from his peak. A lot of scouts label him as a boom or bust simply because he has a long way yet to go but I think his floor is higher than most.
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Jason Pierre Paul
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