My Scouting Report for Tylan Wallace

Tylan Wallace

Team : Oklahoma St. Cowboys (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Tylan Wallace has got very long strides which allows him to run away from defenders. Overall his speed is apparent on film and he can be a deep threat. Check Oklahoma vs Oklahoma St 2018 12:19 1st QT.
Pass Catching
He will drop the football and in 018 Oklahoma vs Oklahoma St. 2018, he dropped a ball that hit him right in the hands. 12:22 1st Qt . He saw the defender out of the corner of his eye but if he wanted he could have caught the ball with his body to shield the defender and absorb part of the hit. this is going to be a concern moving forward but he can improve.
Route Running
2nd Qt Oklahoma vs Oklahoma St. 5:50 he runs a bad route. I see Wallace as a deep threat who makes most of his damage running go routes. The longer the route and the deeper the better for Wallace because he can rely more on his speed rather than a technique to get open.
He is 6ft 185lbs and he plays like it. He tries to run away from people and will easily go down. He needs to bulk up a bit to effectively take hits in the NFL.
Vertical Ability
This is his strong suit and what will make him an effective payer at the next level. He needs to master this skill set and work on his route running so he can get open more often and utilize his speed down the field.
Run after Catch
He has got very long strides but is not powerful. When he has open space he can run away from defenders. But there can be times do to his long strides that he may get clipped from behind.
Catching in Traffic
He jumps a lot when he catches to football to better secure the catch. Many times he jumps unnecessarily which gives an opportunity for defenders to tackle him.
Big Play Ability
He can run away from defenders and use his speed to score on long touchdown plays but he needs to work on catching the football and running more precise routes.
Tylan Wallace tore his ACL and that can be a big problem for fast receivers.
I'm on the fence for this. He is a deep threat who isn't looking to get hit but at times can make a tough catch causing him to receieve a big hit.
He is an extremely productive receiver who had nearly 1500 yds in 2018. And in 2019 before his injury, he was nearing 1000 yard season.
I can't judge this as I have not met with him personally.
Deep Threat
This is his bread and butter and the reason he was so productive in 2018. A team is going to draft him because of his ability as a deep threat.
Over the Middle
He won't sustain a lot of big hits because he is only 185 and is tall and skinny. As I mentioned if it's a deep route over the middle he can be productive but he won't be as successful if its thrown in traffic.
He has got room to grow and get stronger and run better routes.
He has been extremely productive the last 2 years so he is definitely racking a lot of yards.
He is a pure deep threat who is a raw route runner. He will get a lot of chunk plays and catch a lot of deep throws. He can create YAC plays if given the opportunity as he ran a lot of WR screens in Oklahoma St.
Tyran Wallace is not a good route runner and he is inconsistent at cathing tye football at times. He lacks play strength and has recently gotten injured. A torn ACL is a problem because of the type of player he is. Once you tear your ACL your more susceptible to tearing it again and that could be concerning for teams interested in drafting him.
Overall Analysis
I think he has got the potential to be a playmaker at the NFL level but he must be fully healthy and get physically stronger. He must also learn to run better routes. Overall he is a Day 3 selection(Rounds 4-7) He can go in the 3rd round if someone is willing to take a chance he will be healthy moving forward.
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Devin Smith
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