My Scouting Report for Trey Lance

Trey Lance

Team : North Dakota State (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Trey Lance is a gunslinger with a cannon. Very few of his passes are underthrown. Conversely, his main issue is overthrowing.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Lance is extremely effective within 1-10 yards after dropping back. He is comfortable checking down when necessary and usually gives his receiver the opportunity to churn out extra yards. He is also effective at rolling out the pocket to find an open receiver. However, he could improve his screen game.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Lance stands tall in the pocket when delivering quality passes at the intermediate level of the field. He usually is able to hit his WR with a catchable pass but occasionally throws the ball too high. Moreover, his vision at the intermediate level is lacking.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Lance is a terrific deep passer who has the arm strength to put his WR in position to haul in the catch. When Lance finds an open receiver deep down the field, it's a guaranteed TD.
Pocket Presence
Lance is a poised QB within the pocket and has the discipline to refrain from bailing too early. He has a great sense of awareness in the pocket and can extend plays when necessary.
Trey Lance is a quality dual-threat QB. He is always a threat with his legs and can churn out a big run on any play. Trey is pretty accurate on the run, especially after play action. However, he could slide more often.
Lance often misses open receivers, especially when he drops straight back. He doesn't stare down wideouts a lot, but he needs to do a better job going through his progressions.
The windup on Lance's arm motion is awkward and he has a tendency to throw off his back foot when on the run. This hasn't drastically impacted his accuracy but is something to pay attention to.
Lance didn't suffer an injury last season. Nevertheless, he is still going through procedures to cope with an old lower-body injury from HS.
Trey is extremely poised and heavily praised for his leadership skills.
Game Management
He isn't a conservative game manager by any stretch of the imagination. However, he doesn't put the ball in harm's way and is very efficient on late downs.
For a freshman quarterback, Trey Lance excelled at protecting the football. He is comfortable throwing into tight windows but only when there is a window for his WR to catch the ball. Plus, he is a decisive QB who makes quick decisions with the ball in his hands.
Lance has quality height and weight.
He can beat defenders to the outside and outrun defenders to the outside
Play-Making Ability
Lance excels at making big-time throws and pulling off highlight-reel runs.
He had a solid freshman season in which he won numerous accolades and a championship. His passing yardage was low, especially in an inferior conference. Still, his game film and rushing production makes up for that.
He has the IT factor, toughness, poise, and IQ necessary to be successful next season.
Lance seems like a great guy and vocal leader on and off the field.
When watching Trey Lance's game film and highlights, his arm strength is one of the most noticeable attributes. He can fling the ball deep down the field with relative ease to his playmakers. Plus, his arm strength gives him the ability to thread the ball into tight windows when necessary. Although, Lance has the poise and skill set necessary to stand tall in the pocket and find the open receiver at the short range of the field. That combination makes him extremely effective and decisive QB who makes quick decisions in the end zone and on late downs. Speaking of poise, Lance has a remarkable pocket presence and refrains from bailing the pocket too quickly. In fact, he excels at rolling outside and extending plays with his legs until he finds an open wideout. However, if nobody is open, he can pick up the first down or TD with his tenacious rushing style. Therefore, Trey Lance is one of the best playmakers in college and can pull off a miraculous throw or run on any given play.
Lance's main issue pertains to his vision. When he steps back in the pocket, he frequently misses open receivers, which left a ton of yardage and some TDs on the field. He doesn't stare down wideouts a lot, but he needs to do a better job going through his progressions. Mechanics are another issue that Trey Lance has because of his awkward arm motion and tendency to throw off his back foot. His arm strength and decision making usually prevent his mechanics from being a huge issue, but that is an area that his coaches should fix. Furthermore, Trey Lance needs to slide more when he is running, especially considering his injury history.
Overall Analysis
Overall, Trey Lance is an outstanding dual-threat quarterback who excels at generating big plays. He still has areas to work on, such as his vision, but his talent and decision make him worth the hype. Some people will point out that his passing yardage was underwhelming, especially in a weak FCS conference. Nevertheless, his overall attributes lead me to believe that he'll become a more productive QB as he progresses through college. Keep your eye on this guy because he is on track to be a definite first-round pick in the future.
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