My Scouting Report for Trey Burton

Trey Burton

Team : Chicago Bears | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Tight End [TE]

Burton possesses decent for a tight end but is slow when running routes and running past some defenders.
Pass Catching
Trey Burton is a reliable receiver in open space but has trouble catching passes in traffic or tight coverage.
Route Running
Burton is an inconsistent route runner, who has issues with running too high, getting separation from press coverage and running crisp routes. However, he is good at running double move routes, exhibits a good release, and can find holes in zone coverage.
Burton often gets pushed back far on pass blocks and has difficulty holding up his block on outside run plays. Also, he can't break tackles or gain many yards after contact.
Run Blocking
Trey Burton exhibits extraordinary block recognition on run plays and is tremendous at pulling on run blocks. However, he sometimes has issues holding up a run block.
Burton has difficulty forcing missed tackles after the catch due to his lack of elusiveness. His lack of elusiveness is shown when he has trouble running crisp cuts on routes.
Run After Catch
Burton doesn't exhibit the ability to move the chains on an underneath catch consistently. Burton is unable to move the chains is because he doesn't have the strength necessary to break tackles or elusiveness to juke out a defender.
Big Play Ability
Due to Burton's inability to force missed tackles and his limited speed, he isn't a threat to make a big play.
Burton has dealt with groin, back, calf and hamstring injuries throughout his career, but he has never had to miss than one game per season as a result of these injuries. The groin injury is worth paying attention to though because he just conducted surgery on it.
Trey Burton is an efficient player in Matt Nagy's offense and. He only put up 569 receiving yards, but that was more so the result of Mitch Trubisky distributing the ball to every receiver than any of Burton's flaws.
Burton has no issues of domestic violence or no legal issues. Moreover, Burton is popular with his teammates in Chicago and Philadelphia.
Burton has a high football IQ and has a good work ethic. However, he sometimes gives up too quickly on blocking plays
Burton is a fairly inconsistent blocker and receiver who has difficulty holding up on blocks and running routes throughout the course of drives and games.
Burton is an excellent run-blocking tight end, especially when he is pulling on a play. His recognition to locate defenders and move them out of the way is stellar. Also, he is a reliable tight end who can find holes in zone coverage and complete open catches. Moreover, he has a proper release and runs good double-move routes.
Burton has trouble holding up his blocks in pass protection because his lack of strength enables defenders to drive him back into the quarterback. Likewise, his lack of power is a liability when he tries to gain YAC because of his inability to break tackles. Furthermore, Burton doesn't have the agility or elusiveness to force missed tackles in open space.
Overall Analysis
Last season, Trey Burton asserted himself as the top tight end for the Chicago Bears. While he isn't a threat to create a big play, he is an efficient tight end, who makes the most of his targets in Matt Nagy's system. Additionally, he is an excellent run blocker, which helps the bears move the chains on power run plays, especially when he is pulling on a play. When Burton gets healthy, the Bears should work on his strength and elusiveness so that he can be more of a threat after the catch.
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