My Scouting Report for Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence

Team : Clemson Tigers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Lawrence has tremendous arm strength, which enables him to thread the needle through tight coverage. His passes never float through the air because of the insane zip on his throws.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Elite screen passer who can throw the ball with an ability to give his receivers the ability to run after the catch. He is especially adept at throws on the run at the short level.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Lawrence is a quality passer who can complete passes along the sideline at the intermediate level of the field. He can extend plays well at this range.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Lawrence is always a threat for a big time throw when he goes deep with the football. He has the arm strength necessary to get the ball to a receiver at any distance. His ball placement at the deep level is nearly unmatched.
Pocket Presence
Lawrence is great at getting the ball out of his hands against inferior defenses. In the pocket, he is extremely comfortable and poised. However, he struggles to feel pressure naturally, especially on the edge. He can extend plays with his legs, but he relies on his legs a little too much.
Trevor is a definite dual-threat QB who is good, not great at delivering passes on the run. He is a threat with his legs, but he needs to mitigate the hits he receives to increase his longevity.
Trevor Lawrence usually can scan the field to find an open receiver down the field for a big play. He frequently goes through his progressions well, but sometimes misses open guys on double slants and other short plays.
Lawrence exhibits solid mechanics, which allows him to flawlessly step through throws, even when pressure is in his face.
He has suffered neck and shoulder injuries throughout his career.
Lauded for his leadership skills.
Game Management
Trevor Lawrence is nearly always cognizant of the first down line on late downs. He will extend plays, fight through contact, and make the best decision on 3rd/4th down.
Lawrence doesn't usually make bad decisions when he is throwing the football. However, he occasionally force passes into passing lanes where defenders are present if nobody is open.
Lawrence could bulk up a bit but his height is prototypical.
Lawrence has 4.7 speed and can make the chains move with his legs. He can get past interior defenders with his speed but struggles with edge defenders who have long wingspans.
Play-Making Ability
He has exhibited big-time throws throughout his time at Clemson. Plus, he can run very well and juke out defenders with his agility.
He has racked up impressive awards and statistical success while at Clemson.
Lawrence has excellent IQ, poise, coachability, and ball-placement. He has the it-factor needed to be an NFL QB.
No red flags.
Lawrence is usually a consistently good passer throughout every game. His only poor performances really stemmed from injuries.
If you talk to any NFL scout or ESPN analyst, they'll spend countless hours discussing Trevor Lawrence's strengths and upside. For starters, his arm strength is entirely off the charts. Whenever he throws the ball, there is an insane amount of zip and velocity on the ball, which regularly enables him to shred tight coverage. This is especially true on deep passes, where Lawrence has the ball placement necessary to create big-time throws. He sometimes overthrows receivers, but he has the arm strength required to get the ball to a receiver at any distance due to his excellent ball placement. On nearly every pass, Lawrence has incredible accuracy because of his impeccable mechanics. Even when there is pressure in his face, Lawrence can step into contact and deliver a great throw to give his receiver a chance for extra yards. As a result, Trevor Lawrence is most likely the best pocket passer in college due to his comfort level and poise in the pocket. Speaking of pocket presence, Lawrence has a clock in his head to remind him to step in the pocket or extend the play with his legs after four seconds. Consequently, Lawrence is amazing at avoiding interior defender pressure. One of the most underrated aspects of Lawrence's play is that he is a solid game manager who is always aware of the first down marker. Whether he has to make a play with his arms or legs, Lawrence usually can make the most out of plays on late downs, making him one of the most efficient QBs on first down. He is far from a conservative QB, but if his team is in need of moving the chains, Lawrence is the best man to get it done. Along with efficiency, Lawrence has great consistency and productivity. He is almost a consistently good passer throughout every game, with his only stretch of poor performance stemming from injuries. Resultantly, he has racked up impressive awards and statistical success while at Clemson.
While many analysts would consider Lawrence to be a perfect prospect, he does have areas of concern. For starters, his durability is a big issue because he has suffered neck and shoulder injuries throughout his time at Clemson. In fact, his shoulder injury impacted his accuracy early in the season. Given that he runs through contact like a running back, his shoulder injury could likely exacerbate. Even though he has great mobility, he needs to slide more to mitigate the damage he receives and refrain from taking too many hits. Moreover, his inability to feel pressure off the edge causes him to take sacks and big hits.
Overall Analysis
As mentioned earlier in this report, many NFL teams consider Trevor Lawrence to be the best QB of his potential draft class. From the moment he took over as the starting QB of the Clemson Tigers, NFL teams and analysts have stated that he is worth tanking for, and for a good reason. He has the pocket presence, discipline, and accuracy necessary to be a consistent pocket passer at the next level. Although, he enough speed and mobility to be a solid dual-threat QB at the next level, thus making him a versatile QB who can be placed in a variety of schemes. Given his size, accuracy, arm talent, coupled with his gunslinger mentality and big-play capability, Lawrence is eerily similar to Andrew Luck. Identical to Luck, Lawrence is a great leader on and off the field. He can move the chains with his arms and legs and is always looking to create a big play to propel his team. They each exhibit a tendency to force throws into bad windows but given Trevor's arm strength, he can usually pull it off. However, similar to Luck, Lawrence tends to barrel through contact and suffer significant injuries. At this point in his career, this isn't a huge issue, but he needs to slide if he wants to increase his longevity.
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