My Scouting Report for Tanner Morgan

Tanner Morgan

Team : Minnesota Golden Gophers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
His arm strength is sufficient but not elite. Many of his passes were lobbed with too much air and not enough zip.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Morgan is a quality game manager who can check the ball down to open receivers. Although, when pressured, his ball placement deteriorates.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Due to his impeccable vision, Morgan excels at dissecting zone coverage to find open receivers in this area of the field.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Despite having an average arm, Morgan usually puts his receivers in a great position to haul in deep passes. However, it is essential to note that many of his deep passes were predetermined before the snap.
Pocket Presence
Tanner Morgan gets easily flustered in the pocket and frequently bails early. To make matters worse, he also isn't able to evade pressure because he bails in the wrong direction. Although, he tends to mitigate this concern by getting the ball out quickly.
Tanner is definitely a pocket passer rather than a dual-threat QB. While he can roll out well on play-action plays, he isn't elusive or quick in the pocket. Nor is he a threat to pick up massive yardage on the ground.
Tanner's best attribute is his vision. When he drops back, he is able to pick apart zone coverage in order to find the open wideout down the field. He also excels at looking off defensive backs rather than staring down one WR.
Morgan gets easily rattled by pressure, which impacts his ball placement and mechanics. In fact, he often throws off his back foot when he is under duress.
Morgan suffered a concussion in the past.
He has no red flags, in fact he took over when the incumbent starter was hurt and was lauded for his leadership.
Game Management
The good news is that Morgan generally refrains from putting the ball in harm's way. Nonetheless, Morgan's conservative nature restricts him from aggressively trying to move the chains on late downs.
While Morgan is usually a quality decision-maker, he does have occurrences where he tries to fit the ball into bad windows. His decision making also deteriorates when he is being blitzed.
Tanner Morgan is 6'2", 216 lbs.
Tanner ran a 5.1 40 yard dash in high school and it is very evident when he plays. When Morgan is attempting to evade pressure, his lack of speed prevents him from getting past defensive linemen.
Play-Making Ability
In late-game situations, Morgan can surprise fans with some big-time throws. In fact, he was able to pull off some miraculous throws to beat tight coverage against Iowa.
Last season, Tanner Morgan had a quality season with 3,000+ passing yards and 30 TDs.
Morgan has done a phenomenal job mastering the mental side of the quarterback position. His vision and IQ are stellar, although his poise and pocket presence prevent him from being an elite prospect. He has a decent upside but not there yet.
No red flags. From various articles, he seems like a great teammate and a hard worker.
In terms of consistency, Morgan is generally average. Some games he will go off and have a productive 300+ passing yard performance. However, in other contests, he will struggle to replicate that success. Moreover, his tight window accuracy and ball placement tend to be hit or miss as well.
Tanner Morgan is a phenomenal pocket passer who can go through his progressions with ease. In fact, Morgan's vision enables him to dissect zone coverage and find open wideouts at the intermediate and deep levels of the field. Additionally, Morgan is a pretty decisive QB who gets the ball out quickly to avoid pressure. Moreover, when Morgan is given enough time, he showcases quality decision making and knows when to check the ball down.
Despite making good decisions when the pocket is clean, Tanner Morgan's game quickly becomes erratic when he is under pressure. Morgan gets easily flustered in the pocket and frequently bails early when a DL breaches his OL. To make matters worse, he also isn't able to evade pressure because he consistently bails in the wrong direction. Due to his lack of poise, Morgan often forces passes into heavily contested areas when he is blitzed. Given his lack of arm strength, this can become problematic at times. Along with his decision making, Morgan's mechanics also break down when he is under pressure. In fact, he often throws off his back foot when he is under duress.
Overall Analysis
Right now, Morgan is a late second/mid-third-round draft prospect at best. His ability to read defenses and statistics will give him a great opportunity to climb into late first-round status, especially if Minnesota does well next season. Nevertheless, he is currently pigeonholed as a pocket passer with substandard footwork, who slightly relies on his system to create big plays down the field. Moreover, he will need to work on his consistency as an accurate passer because his ball placement is often hit or miss, especially when he is under pressure. In fact, his inability to handle blitzes will be a significant red flag. Nonetheless, his leadership, work ethic, and football IQ will make him a top 5/7 QB prospect for NFL scouts.
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Dwayne Haskins
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