My Scouting Report for Tanner Morgan

Tanner Morgan

Team : Minnesota Golden Gophers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : TFriedlaender . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
He has an average arm for a college QB but in the NFL it is below average. He floats the ball to the sidelines and on any throw longer than 20 yards.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Really accurate on quick short throws, can fit the ball in tight windows over the middle. He uses his anticipation to throw in between the defense, especially on slant routes.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Throws with really impressive anticipation, knows where the receiver will be and where the holes in the defense are to put the ball in a spot only his receiver can get to. Can get caught staring down his target and with his lack of arm strength the defenses has a chance to jump routes.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
He is really accurate on deep throws when he throws it with anticipation. He needs to throw early because he can't really reach much past 40 yards down the field. He doesn't take many deep shots because of this.
Pocket Presence
He moves well in the pocket and is able to step up and throw on the run. He doesn't break tackles in the pocket and holds the ball too long when his 1st read isn't open.
He doesn't have the ability to break tackles or run away from defenders, not much of play maker with his feet. He throws well on the run and can step up and run for a few yards if the defense is not paying attention.
He tends to stare down his 1st read receiver and that is often the target. Needs to learn how to go through his progressions. He throws with anticipation which means he reads or understands defenses well.
He moves his feet well in the pocket and steps up well too. He rarely throws off balanced and is efficient when throwing on the run.
Game Management
He has really good control of his offense, and consistently puts his receivers in positions to make plays. He makes some mistakes when his team is down and he is forced to make a big play.
He doesn't force the ball into tight coverage too often. Threw only 6 INT last year. Could do a better job at knowing when to throw the ball away, he took too many sacks.
He is not below average size but he is not very big. 6'2 215 lbs
Can't run away from any defenders, used during run pass options but he barely runs.
Play-Making Ability
Doesn't extend plays with his feet, and struggles with making big plays on his own. Can put his receivers in good positions to make big plays.
He threw for 3,000 yards with 28 TDs and 6 INT. Top 10 ranked won bowl game vs auburn.
Started all games last year, threw for a TD in all of them.
Tanner is a really accurate passer with impressive anticipation skills. He is able to throw in good balls in tight coverage because he is able to anticipate where his receiver is going to end up and where the defense will end up. He is a really decisive thrower who gets the ball out of his hands quickly and in rhythm. He is most accurate with short throws over the middle of the field.
Tanner has below average arm strength and below average mobility. He struggles putting force on his throws to the sideline, and tends to under throw his receivers when he throws the ball late to the outside or deep. He can't escape the pocket well either because he is not very fast or big, he is easy to sack. Because he likes to get the ball out quickly he can tend to stare down his 1st read receiver and not move on in his progressions.
Overall Analysis
He has impressive feel of the defense as a passer and he makes good decisions putting his receivers in positions to make plays all the time. But his arm strength is not very good and he floats the ball on long throws, and he doesn't make plays with his feet at all which makes him easy to game plan for. If he becomes a master of a play book in the NFL and improves his ability to go through his progressions he can be a good game manager in the NFL. My projection: 5th to 7th round draft pick.
Compares to
Nick Foles, Chad Pennington
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak