My Scouting Report for Tamorrion Terry

Tamorrion Terry

Team : Florida St. Seminoles (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He is a fluid athlete but does not seem overly fast. If I had to put a number on his 40 time I would say he probaly runs in the late 4.5´s to mid 4.6´s.
Pass Catching
His hands are wildly inconsitent and because he lacks a quick release off the line of scrimmage he can not make consistent catches in traffic even with his bigger frame. I turned on film aginst Miami of Florida and Wake Forest and I witnessed multiple drops. It was hard to watch and he must improve his hands if he wants any chance to succeed at the next level.
Route Running
I did not see alot of routes other than some quick WR screens, Hitches or Go routes. If I'm not mistaken Florida state runs a pro Style Spread sytsem but Tamorrion Terry struggles with seperation and understanding space. he relies to much on his size which he also fails to utilize effectively.
He needs to get a bit stronger as he can be put off the track of his route against stonger press corners.he also plays very upright which can make it easier for defenders to tackle him.
Vertical Ability
He is a long strider and when he gets going he can run away from defenders. The issue is that he lacks explosiviness from the line of scrimmage which forces him to create seperation using his long arms.
Run after Catch
If he can get a few steps and has a yard or two of seperation from the defenders he can run away from some people. His long strides help him do that he just takes a bit to get going and quicker defenders can get him to the ground with a solid tackle before his inital release up field.
Catching in Traffic
His hands are just to inconsitent for me and he does not use his body as effectively as one would like. He tends to body catch and he needs to try to catch it with his hands more consitently. But he is a fluid athlete who can adjust well to the football.
Big Play Ability
He has got a big body to high point the football and enough long speed to run away from defenders but he lacks explosiviness to be an immediate threat at the point of catch.
Terry had minor knee surgery to repair a partially torn meniscus which kept him out for part of the summer practices in 2019.
He will make catches in traffic and sometimes takes a big shot. But he also drops alot of contested catches and lets smaller corners rake at his arm and hands. Number 28 on Miami florida covered him all throughout the game and kept him in check. He needs to utilize his body more effectively.
He had really good production with 60 receptions for 1,188 yards and 9 TD's. keep in mind though alot of those yards came off of long TD passes or Terry using his long speed to outrun defenders. 60 receptions is also not a whole lot of catches considering the yards so you know he made alot of big plays.
I can not judge as I have not met with him personally.
Deep Threat
Most of those yards came from longer passes but better defenders wont allow him to make the catch.
Over the Middle
He is just to inconsitent with the drops and he is not someone I would trust in 3rd down situations.
He has got the size to be a No 1 WR but the consitency of a No 5. We see if he can clean up the drops thios season and become more consistent.
He has got really good production but its due more to bad defending and big plays alloed by other teams.
He is a big bodies reciever with a really good catch radius. He also is a very fluid athlete with good long speed to outrun defnders. He had good production and made a lot of big plays for his team. He measures 6'4 203lbs which is really good size for the position.
He has got very inconsitent hands and drops the football a ton. He tends to catch it with his body and even then sometimes fails to haul in the pass. This inconsitency is his biggest red flag. He also does not use his body to his advantage and aginst Miami of Florida was completley shut down. He does not have the explosiviness to seperate off the line of scrimmage as well and it makes it a problem when he struggles to catch the football with consitency in traffic as well.
Overall Analysis
The QB play at Florida St. was horrible and that needs to be pointed out. But because of the lack of consitency with catching the football I don't see currently Tamorion terry having success at the next level. He is a mold of clay right now where he has the body and size to be dominant but lacks the most essential tool to be a good recievr which is hands. If he can be more consitent catching the football he has got a chance to be ok but we shall see. he projects as a posession reciever No 2. Round Projection (Late 3rd Early 4th) Personal Projection (Late 5th Late 6th)
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