My Scouting Report for Spencer Rattler

Spencer Rattler

Team : Oklahoma Sooners (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Spencer Rattler has an insane level of arm talent. When he launches deep, he frequently hits his receivers with perfectly placed throws. His arc soars over the head of defenders, but he can throw a laser to slice tight coverage when necessary. His arm talent makes him especially deadly on the run and off-platform.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Spencer Rattler knows when to check the ball down to the short area of the field for a natural gunslinger. Moreover, he excels at hitting his receivers in stride so that they can pick up extra yardage. Rattler is incredibly accurate on curl and slant routes. However, many of his short throws were screens or schemed.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Spencer Rattler is a gunslinger that frequently attacks the intermediate level of the field. When he drops back, he quickly finds the open man and hits him with a perfect pass. However, he is even more accurate targeting this level while on the run.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Spencer Rattler has the best deep ball in college football. As mentioned earlier, Rattler is a pinpoint passer who delivers big-time throws with ease. Against teams like Missouri State, Texas Tech, and Florida, Rattler was a prolific passer who shredded those secondaries with his deep passing. Therefore, it is not surprising that Rattler led all FBS freshmen QBs in yards/attempt.
Pocket Presence
Spencer Rattler is a poised QB who performs well under duress. Due to his ability to throw off-platform, Rattler's accuracy is unaffected by pressure in his face. Moreover, he is an elusive quarterback who knows when to step up in the pocket and feel pressure and escape defenders. Even though he holds onto the ball for a long time, Rattler is a disciplined QB who knows when to throw the ball away.
Spencer Rattler is an effective rusher who can pick up first downs and extra yardage without sustaining big hits. Furthermore, he is deadly accurate throwing on the run. After he escapes the pocket, Rattler excels at keeping his eyes downfield and finding open receivers for big plays. His ability to throw off-platform and improvise is truly remarkable.
During the season, Spencer Rattler really improved at going through his progressions. While many of his quick reads were schemed by the offense, he proved late in the season that he doesn't have tunnel vision. Rather than fixating on one read, Rattler uses his eyes to move safeties. Rattler's vision is even more spectacular on the run when he is targeting pass-catchers downfield.
Rattler's mechanics on the run are solid. However, he tends to drag his foot awkwardly when he is throwing from the pocket. This issue is terrible when he is throwing under duress because it prevents him from following through with his motion. Furthermore, he tends to throw off-platform even when that isn't necessary.
Spencer Rattler suffered a hip injury against Kansas that forced him to leave the game. However, reports indicate that the injury wasn't severe. He also suffered an MCL injury in high school.
The Oklahoma Sooners are Spencer Rattler's team. Rattler carries his team on his shoulders through his competitiveness and production even when his receivers drop passes.
Game Management
Given his gunslinging mentality, Spencer Rattler will never be pigeonholed as a game manager. However, he is a great distributor who knows when to check the ball down for short passes. Moreover, he usually makes great decisions on late-down plays due to his vision and accuracy.
Spencer Rattler's decision-making significantly improved during the season. After being briefly benched against Texas, Rattler learned to avoid turnover-worthy throws. Moreover, he only throws tight window passes when his receiver has a step of separation or good leverage. He still has great work to do. Nevertheless, he is a quick learner who will get better at scanning the field and working on his anticipation.
Spencer Rattler is an undersized QB who stands at 6'1', 205. lbs. Therefore, he will need to bulk up a bit before he declares for the NFL.
Spencer Rattler has enough speed and elusiveness to shake defenders in the pocket and on the run.
Play-Making Ability
Spencer Rattler is a big-play threat whenever he has the ball in his hands. Rattler can air out a big-time deep pass that goes all the way for a TD at any point in the game. Furthermore, he has the arm talent necessary to make any throw under any situation, especially when he is scrambling. Plus, he has added playmaking ability due to his mobility.
Spencer Rattler threw for 3,031 passing yards, 28 TDs posted 32 BTT last season. Moreover, he was the nation's best freshman QB and led all freshmen in passing yards/game, passing TDs, yards/attempt, and total offense.
Spencer Rattler has all the traits a coach could ask for. For starters, he is a smart QB who learned Lincoln Riley's system despite the pandemic season. Moreover, he is a quick learner whose vision and accuracy kept improving throughout the season. He is an alpha QB who has the poise necessary to handle high-pressure situations.
Rattler has faced immaturity concerns dating back to high school. These concerns became noteworthy during the QB1 show. Moreover, he sometimes clashes with his receivers.
Spencer Rattler was a consistently productive QB throughout the season. He generally keeps the ball out of harm's way and keeps his team in contention to win every game.
Spencer Rattler's arm talent is eerily similar to QBs like Joe Burrow and Baker Mayfield. Rattler can make any throw downfield and frequently completes big-time throws. While Rattler is a pinpoint passer at all levels of the field, he is especially deadly on intermediate and deep passes when he is scrambling. Therefore, he is the biggest playmaking threat in college football for next season. Another strength of Rattler's is his coachability. Despite having to learn Lincoln Riley's offense during a pandemic-filled season, Rattler showed that he is a quick learner who improved at decision making and going through his progressions. Spencer still has work to do, but he is a poised passer who refrains from fixating on one receiver. Moreover, he is a gunslinger who keeps his eyes downfield after escaping pressure from the pocket. Plus, he knows when to check the ball down or throw it away.
Despite his insane accuracy, Spencer Rattler's mechanics need to be refined. More specifically, he needs work on his mechanics as a pocket passer because he tends to drag his foot in the pocket awkwardly. Additionally, Rattler needs to bulk up in the off-season because he has a small frame. However, his most significant issues are off the field because he has been criticized for immaturity. While he is still young, he needs to refrain from butting heads with his teammates.
Overall Analysis
Spencer Rattler is a perfect QB for Lincoln Riley's scheme. His football IQ and strong-arm make him be a prolific passer who efficiently moves the chains with big plays. Furthermore, he plays comfortably in Oklahoma's offense, where he does a good job extending plays and relying on his OL. Plus, he can beat defenses in the pocket and especially while scrambling. However, he knows when to check the ball down or put his head down and pick up rushing yards. Spencer Rattler has immense potential. His arm talent and mobility combination are eerily similar to Aaron Rodgers, who also excels at throwing big-time passes downfield and on the run. Like Rodgers, Rattler has a history of issues butting heads with his teammates. Fortunately, Rattler is still a young gunslinger who has time to mature into a better teammate. Nevertheless, he has a bright future due to his physical and intangible traits.
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