My Scouting Report for Shamorie Ponds

Shamorie Ponds

St. John's Red Storm
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United States

Scouting Analysis

Players Scouting Analytics by tirdodbehbehani . Position :Point Guard [PG]

Skill Attribute
Very quick acceleration, can blow by players. Attacks PnR and gets downhill in a hurry. Good attacking the baseline too, turns on the gas. Takes advantage when bigger, slower defenders switched onto him
Not a high flyer or above the rim player, although he is shifty. Low center of gravity, nice body control
Ball Handling
Strong ball handling, has an Iverson-esque crossover in his arsenal. Uses between the legs dribbles to get into attack mode. However, susceptible to turnovers upon heavy defensive pressure. Also, not great control in transition, can lose the ball
Passing Ability
Great vision coupled with above-average awareness equates to some really nice finds. Flair passer, uses his eyes to move defense and capable of making the cross-court off-hand pass on occasion
Free Throws
Good Free Throw Shooter, .83FT%. Fearless attacking the rim, with a .40FTr (Stats as of 2/19/19)
Outside Shooting
Capable three point shooter, with a .361 3P%. Doesn't always get his feet under him. Capable of hitting some stepbacks and pull-ups, although at a below average rate. Needs to improve in this area. (Stats as of 2/19/19)
Mid-range shot consistency
Lots of tough midrange shots, with a fair amount of turnaround jumpers. Tries to post up his man when he has the physical advantage, which won't translate to the NBA since he'll rarely have that advantage. Ideally, needs to develop a floater game to account for not being able to bang with bigs inside
.373 from NBA range. (Stats as of 2/19/19)
Decision Making
Sometimes slips into hero-ball, but this may be due to lack of other shot creators alongside him at St. John's. Needs to be better about passing out when he drives. Can be much better about kicking it out when driving, for as much as he drives he needs to be aware of size limitations and opponents taking the rim away from him. Sometimes fails to recognize defensive pressure soon enough, which results in turnovers. Solid 2.35AST/TO ratio (Stats as of 2/19/19)
Ability to Finish in the lane
Struggles to finish at the rim, can't really finish against bigs. Can be wild and out of control as well.
Controls Tempo
At his best when he slows the game down to his speed in the half-court
Runs Fast Break
Mixed bag in transition. Does a good job of getting his head up and looking for the kick-ahead. Gets to the rim in a hurry. However, can be careless with ball handling and chooses the wrong pass on occasion. These issues are fixable
Runs Set Offenses
Commands nice understanding of the offense. Does a good job of commanding the offense and getting his teammates involved. However, needs the ball in his hands to be successful.
Creates Plays for Others
Nice playmaker, just needs to do it on a more consistent basis. For every great find or fancy pass, he has an instance where he favors a contested shot as opposed to finding the open man.
Patience with the Ball
Likes to slow it down in half-court. Once he gets going though, can try to do too much and force things. May be byproduct of lack of shot creation around him. Something to watch
Defensive Effectiveness (Man to Man)
Does an okay job staying in front of his man most of the time, sometimes is overeager on closeouts and bites on fakes too easily. He has trouble remaining engaged and aware of where his man is when off-ball. Often times sags into the post when defense rotates to protect rim but is late getting back to his man and gives up an uncontested shot. Doesn't get through screens great. Gets confused on switches, is late picking up his man and adopts poor starting position. Unable to stop bigs
Defensive Effectiveness (Zone)
No sample size
Good at getting steals, takes lots of chances. Has a .042Stealr, which is 23rd in the nation (Stats as of 2/19/19). Nice active hands here. Very out of position when his gamble doesn't pay off
Rebounding Skills
Does a good job of getting his head up immediately upon securing the rebound
Doesn't project to be able to play off-ball on offense, nor be able to switch on defense
Leadership Ability
He's a Junior, so his leadership skills are more developed than most others in this class. Shows nice accountability for his actions on the floor
Makes the hustle plays, tough player. Good kid too
Speed, Ball Handling, Passing Ability
Finishing at the rim, Passing out of Defensive Pressure, Patience, Defensive IQ, Perimeter Shooting
Overall Analysis
Shamorie Ponds is a quick, crafty playmaking guard out of St. John's. He projects to be a second round pick in this year's draft, with the potential to maybe sneak into the end of the first round. I think he has the tools to be a possible backup point-guard in the NBA, as his ability to run the offense in the half-court is very good. But, he's going to need to improve his awareness, defensive effort, and three point shooting. Given the difficulty of attaining these three traits, he's better served as a early second round pick
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Toney Douglas
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