My Scouting Report for Seth Williams

Seth Williams

Team : Auburn Tigers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He does not possess any explosiveness as he struggles to separate on routes. He looks like he is moving in slow motion at times. He probably runs in the 4.6s if I had to put a 40 time based on his film. Note; He looked faster in 2018 most likely due to the fact he gained 15 pounds in 2019 210 to 225
Pass Catching
He is very inconsistent with his hands catching and will often double catch. he needs to do a better job at securing the football with one pluck rather than multiple bobbles of the football. against LSU he was unable to secure a pass due to this and the football bounced right off his hands.
Route Running
He ran a few routes such as the go routes, curl routes slants, and a lot of the routes used in college offenses. Guz Malzahn runs a very quick pace offense with some play-action but a lot of analysts seem to be down on his offense for a lack of creativity. this could lead to a lack of production.
At his size, he should be more physical at the point of the catch. He is 6'3 225 and fails to attack the football which leads to some drops or even catches he could have made if he had been more aggressive. I would like to see him locate the football and try to pluck the ball out of the air and use his frame better.
Vertical Ability
Unless he catches a CB sleeping on the route he is not running past anyone. He does not possess the requisite explosiveness or even technique as a route runner to consistently create separation. I don't believe he will win at the next level with speed so he has to improve his route running and be more physical at the point of the catch.
Run after Catch
He does not possess the speed to run away from defenders because he fails to accelerate quickly enough. he does not separate in man coverage so most defenses just box him out of the play.
Catching in Traffic
He needs to be more physical at the point of catch and he needs to get more used to defenders raking at his arm. he is 6'3 225 and should be able to out physical smaller corners but that is not the case
Big Play Ability
He has no big-play ability in his game as most of his plays are due to blown coverage s or quick slant routes that he catches by the endzone.
He suffered a shoulder injury against Tulane in the beginning of the season and was forced to miss the next game against Kent St. Other than that I did not find anything of note.
It's questionable because for such a big receiver at 6'3 225 he lacks the physicality to make contested catches against even smaller players.
He was more productive in 2019 with 59 REC for 830 yards but nothing spectacular.
I have not met with him so I can not judge.
Deep Threat
He does not possess the speed to beat defenders deep unless they blow the coverage. He looks like he was running in slow motion out of his break and CB's were constantly in his hip pocket.
Over the Middle
Again he at times can high point the football over the middle but he just is not consistent enough in doing so. he fails to use his body to his advantage to catch the football and it is something he has to work on.
Right now his most appealing trait is his size and the fact he still has time to improve his game. 6' 3 225 is exactly what you look for in today' s receiver.
He had a better 2019 but he needs to improve on catching the football with more consistency and using his frame to be more physical not only in running routes but also catching the football.
He has got great size at 6'3 225. He also showcases the ability to the highpoint at times and uses that length. He has got a lot of room to grow and get better.
He lacks any explosiveness or acceleration out of his routes. Often times he looks like he is running in slow motion. He also needs to learn how to better utilize his frame as too often he allows CB's to rake the ball out of his hand. He needs to learn how to run routes with more consistency and time his break better because this is the only way he will be able to create space. he also tends to double catch the football and can be inconsistent with his hands.
Overall Analysis
He needs a lot of work and time to develop his route running and pass-catching. Right now he has really good size at 6'3 225 but it might benefit him to lose a bit of weight maybe 10 lbs as he played faster when he was lighter in 2018. He needs to learn how to use his body more effectively in contested catches as too often he allows smaller corners to give him trouble. For him to have a chance he needs to improve his route running and work on his hands if he can focus on these two aspects of his game he has got a chance to be a decent number 2 receiver at the next level. Future projection 2022 (5th Round) Current projection ( Late 6th Round to UNFA)
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