My Scouting Report for Sam Howell

Sam Howell

Team : North Carolina Tar Heels (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
When Howell has enough time, his arm strength is impressive. In fact, Howell has enough arm strength to thread the needle against tough coverage. Plus, he can deliver nearly perfect spirals deep down the field to carry his offense.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Sam Howell excels at taking what the defense gives him at the short level of the field. While his tight window accuracy could improve within this range, his screens and check-downs give receivers plenty of opportunities to churn out big runs after the catch.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
After Howell drops back, he is able to stick his foot in the ground and deliver dimes to receivers at the intermediate range. Likewise, Sam can make big plays targeting this level when he successfully evades pressure. Nevertheless, this rating is slightly inflated by small sample size
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Sam Howell has the touch and arm strength to make big-time throws deep down the field. In fact, his deep ball accuracy lets him beat tight coverage in jump ball situations.
Pocket Presence
Howell has much work to do when it comes to pocket presence. More specifically, Howell needs to refrain from bailing the pocket too early. Furthermore, Mack Brown and the UNC coaching staff needs to instruct Howell to bail away from the defensive pressure in his face.
Howell has standard mobility. While he is far from Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray, Howell can extend plays with his legs. While he is not a dual-threat QB, he can pick up some first downs on the ground vs. college defenses.
Howell quickly goes through his progressions to find open receivers. In fact, he is often praised for his quick decision making to distribute the ball efficiently.
Sam Howell's arm motion is flawless when he has a clean pocket. However, he has an awkward hitch in his leg, even when he has time to throw.
Despite suffering a scary hit vs. Syracuse, Howell has not missed any games due to injury at this point.
Sam Howell started as a true freshman and is praised by his legendary head coach Mack Brown.
Game Management
Sam Howell has the potential to be a good game manager because of his ability to quickly distribute the ball. Plus, his stellar vision makes him an efficient passer in late down situations. However, his shoddy decision making can cripple momentum by killing important drives.
Even though Howell has the ability to thread the needle against tight coverage, his decision making is troubling. Throughout his freshman year, Howell regularly failed to recognize defenders in his passing lanes. However many of Howell's turnover-worthy throws were dropped.
Sam Howell has adequate size but nothing incredibly special.
Sam Howell runs a 5.07 40 yard dash which average speed for a quarterback.
Play-Making Ability
Due to his deep ball accuracy and gunslinger mentality, Sam Howell is a significant big-play threat. While his tight window accuracy is inconsistent, he has enough touch and arm strength to pull off big plays.
As a true freshman, Sam Howell threw for an impressive 3,641 yards coupled with 38 TDs.
Sam Howell has a huge upside. Due to his poise in the pocket, Howell is a disciplined passer who can distribute the ball efficiently. Moreover, he has proven to have the IT factor to lead his team on any given drive. Given that he started and excelled as a true freshman, the future is bright for this young man.
Howell is considered a tremendous leader and called attention against racial injustice.
Due to his erratic decision making, Howell is an inconsistent passer, especially against coverage.
While Sam Howell is not football's most notorious gunslinger, his big-play ability is underrated. When Howell has enough time in the pocket, he can reliably throw dimes deep down the field. Moreover, Howell can his wideouts in stride with lasers or throw his receivers open if they are blanketed in coverage. However, two of Howell's best attributes are his poise and vision in the pocket. After Howell drops back, he can quickly work his progressions to find the open guy 10+ yards down the field. Although he is perfectly content, taking what the defense gives him and will drop the ball off accurately on screens and check downs.
Sam Howell's underwhelming decision making is his biggest weakness. During his first two seasons as a college QB, Howell has failed to recognize defenders in his passing lanes. As a result, he tends to force the ball into coverage, which leads to numerous turnover-worthy throws. This tendency is especially true when Howell's offensive line fails him. Similar to many college quarterbacks, Howell still needs to improve his escapability by running away from pressure rather than rolling towards it. However, he has lots of time to refine these aspects of his game.
Overall Analysis
Sam Howell has a huge ceiling as a college quarterback. Similar to Baker Mayfield's Oklahoma days, Howell has the deep ball accuracy and big-play passing skills to keep his team in any game. In fact, Howell has exhibited tremendous arm strength and tight window accuracy ever since he started as a true freshman. Moreover, he has shown the IQ and ability to quickly scan a field that a QB needs to be a polished pocket passer. Still, Howell has areas to improve in, such as his decision making and escapability. Nevertheless, he has a great opportunity to succeed with his legendary coach Mack Brown, who likened Howell to his pupil Colt McCoy.
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Baker Mayfield and Colt McCoy
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