My Scouting Report for Sam Howell

Sam Howell

Team : North Carolina Tar Heels (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
It's solid but not elite. He can throw it with velocity on slant routes and throws the ball down the field with a tight spiral. He can also throw it with a quick release and off his back foot to the receiver on shorter routes.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
It is usually pretty solid and he throws it right to the receiver's chest. He can struggle on shorter out routes as he can throw it low and away. he needs to improve his pocket presence more and step into the throw to avoid these throws.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
It's inconsistent and there are several times aginst Clemson where he threw behind his receiver causing an incompletion or a missed opportunity for more yards. He needs to learn to drive the football better using the lower half of his body. With time I think he will correct these inconsistent throws.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
This is by far his best attribute as a QB. His long throws have very good placement and touch. He really throws an effortless deep ball and its natural to him. He flicks his wrist and the ball just travels to were it needs to be. (watch his first TD against Clemson in 2019). This showcases velocity, placement, and tremendous touch.
Pocket Presence
He needs to learn how to sense pressure better and can sometimes be too late to progress from one read to another. He will improve from this with more experience and understanding of the offense. He was only a true freshman in 2019
It's not amazing but its good enough to survive. I saw him run some RPO's and showcased some ability but not really his style as a QB, he is more of a pocket passer
He needs more experience as he tends to stick to one read but then again he is a true freshman and hasn't had enough time to fully develop as a QB. he tends to take to long on longer developing routes like corner routes and Go routes.
It's solid but he can improve his lower body mechanics by transitioning smoother from his dropback and driving more from his back leg to add velocity and power. This is why he sometimes under throws 30 yard passes down the middle of the field.
I did not find any records in regards to injuries.
I can not judge as I have not met him.
Game Management
He can manage the game but in order to do that with more effectiveness, he needs to learn how to read the field better.
He only threw for 7 INT's in 2019 so that is very solid through 13 games. But there were times on tape he would force some throws that got tipped and almost intercepted.
It's solid but nothing spectacular. He is 6'1 220lbs. That is good enough for the next level.
It is ok but again not spectacular he is probably a 4.8 guy which is good enough for the QB position.
Play-Making Ability
It's on and off and at times he can escape and find an outlet receiver to salvage a broken play but his best playmaking ability is probably when he runs the play action and throws the deep ball. With his accuracy and placement, he allows his receivers to catch the football in stride.
It was a really excellent freshman year as he threw 38 TD's to only 7 INT's
He has still got so much room to grow and get better. he needs to play more and gain more experience and hopefully develop more pocket mobility and progress through his reads faster.
I can not judge this as I have not met with him personally.
He needs to improve his intermediate accuracy but overall he is solid at throwing shorter routes and very good at throwing the deep ball.
He is a tremendous deep ball thrower who can throw the ball with accuracy, placement, and tremendous touch. He protects the football and limits his mistakes as he only threw for 7 INT's. He also had a very productive true freshman year as he threw for 38 TD's. He is best when he is given a bit of time in the pocket as he can throw the fade route and deep ball with tremendous touch and overall placement including back shoulder or over the shoulder.
He is still very inexperienced and lacks refined footwork and pocket awareness, He takes to long to progress through his reads and normally stares down his receivers. This causes him to be unaware of the defenders around him which can cause him to get in trouble. He also does not possess great pocket mobility which can limit his ability to effectively throw on the run.
Overall Analysis
There is a lot to like with Sam Howell but there is also so much left to work on. The potential is sky high and if he continues to play at the level he is and improving on the things I suggested he will be a first-round pick. The fact he is only a true freshman grants him the time to improve his footwork and learn to progress through his reads faster. Right now though its to early to tell or project to what he will be at the next level. Early Projection for 2022( 1st Round ) Current Projection for 2020 ( 3rd Round)
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Jimmy Garoppolo
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