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Rondale Moore

Team : Purdue Boilermakers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

According to ESPN, Rondale Moore ran the fastest 40-yard of his high school recruiting class (4.33). Moore is speedy and can turn on the jets to burn cornerbacks with ease.
Pass Catching
In 2018, Moore struggled with consistently hauling in passes. Rondale used to bobble catches his freshman year. However, he has successfully worked on that issue this season by not dropping a single pass in 2020. For a slot receiver, Moore is a sufficient pass catcher.
Route Running
Rondale Moore has some fancy footwork for a shifty slot receiver. Moore excels at finding holes in zone coverage and shaking defenders in man coverage. Additionally, he can run double moves with good hesitation and acceleration. He needs to mitigate inefficient footwork, but his quickness and short-area speed make up for this.
Rondale Moore can squat 600 pounds, and it is evident when he plays. He regularly beat press coverage against impressive DBs like OSU's Shaun Wade and Jordan Fuller. Moreover, he can absorb lower-body contact and shred tackles to pick up tons of yardage after a catch.
Vertical Ability
Rondale Moore was never utilized extensively as a vertical threat. Moore can run intermediate and deep routes, but he is mainly used on screens, quick outs, slants, and bubble routes.
Run after Catch
If Moore is left open in space it's game over for the defense. Moore is a shifty slot receiver who can break tackles, juke out defenders, and outrun defenders to the outside. As a result, Moore will be a tremendous threat on pop and screen passes at the next level.
Catching in Traffic
Moore can complete slant passes in traffic but struggled to locate passes in traffic vs. teams like Vanderbilt.
Big Play Ability
Rondale Moore can turn any play into a touchdown. He is a human highlight reel that has burned Big Ten teams like Ohio State and Minnesota with his speed. He is electrifying on end-around plays, screens, and any time he has an open field.
Moore missed eight games in 2019 with a hamstring injury. He was also rumored to miss many of Perdue's games while he was seeking injury insurance coverage.
Rondale Moore is a tough slot receiver who can absorb contact on his way to a first down or touchdown.
Injuries have prevented Rondale Moore from replicating his prolific 2018 season. Nevertheless, he is a productive receiver who regularly puts up 100 yards per game.
Rondale Moore is an ultimate competitor who doesn't take plays off. He returned to play in the 2020 season to finish the commitment he made to the Perdue Boilermakers.
Deep Threat
While he was never used extensively as a deep-threat, Moore's combination of speed and route running makes him a quality deep-threat. When he gets a step on a defender, it's game over, especially on corner and fly routes.
Over the Middle
According to Pro Football Focus, Rondale Moore was extensively used over the middle. When watching his game film, it is clear that Perdue had him run a plethora of slants and pop passes.
Rondale Moore is a tough competitor who will fight for every single inch. He also has the IQ necessary to find holes in complex zone defenses.
When Rondale Moore is on the field, he is a productive receiver who can be relied upon to get 100+ total yards.
Rondale Moore's speed and elusiveness are incredible to watch. Moore is a shifty slot receiver who can break tackles, juke out defenders, and outrun defenders to the outside. If Moore is left open in space, he will burn defensive backs and create big plays. Moreover, he is a versatile playmaker who can return kicks, run end-around plays, and screen passes while still running a complete route tree.
Rondale Moore is firmly a slot receiver. While he has improved his pass-catching, he drops, bobbles, and body-catches too many catches to be a no.1 possession receiver. He also needs to work on mitigating inefficient footwork and locating passes in traffic. However, the biggest red flag in Moore's game is his hamstring injury from 2019. This injury forced him to miss eight games and isn't promising for a receiver who relies on speed and breaking tackles to pick up yardage after the catch.
Overall Analysis
Rondale Moore will be an electrifying receiver at the NFL level. His combination of footwork, speed, and elusiveness make him a high-end slot receiver who easily moves the chains and creates big plays. Due to his status as a slot receiver coupled with missed games, he probably will fall outside the first half of the first round in the NFL draft. Nevertheless, a team like the Green Bay Packers or New Orleans Saints could utilize Moore's versatility in their offense.
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