My Scouting Report for Rondale Moore

Rondale Moore

Team : Purdue Boilermakers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He has got outstanding speed and is probably running in the 4.4s. he is a very smooth runner who can run away from defenders.
Pass Catching
He has got natural hands and is able to easily catch the football. He rarely drops the ball and is able to transition into his run quite well. He had over 100 receptions in his freshman year which is outstanding.
Route Running
He is a really smooth route runner who can easily create space in and out of his beaks. He does need to get more experience and learn to run more routes but overall it's smooth when he runs his routes as he normally beats defenders.
He is a tough guy who can break arm tackles but due to his small stature can do down with a hard hit. When he has leverage and he is low center he can have defenders bounce off but his 180 pounds force's the momentum in the bigger defenders' favor.
Vertical Ability
He has got a really good ability to track the deep ball and catch it over the top. It's the smoothness in which he does it that's impressive especially considering he was a freshman.
Run after Catch
He can break tackles although bigger defenders will knock him off course, he has the speed and acceleration to take it the distance. He also has quick feet to easily change direction and avoid defenders.
Catching in Traffic
He will catch it in traffic but he is more comfortable catching it in space so he can accelerate after his catch. Remember he is only 5'9 180 pounds so he doesn't have much size to box defenders out.
Big Play Ability
He can absolutely take over a game with his dynamic ability. just watch the Ohio State game or Wisconsin game in 2018. Also, look at his first two games of 2019 where he absolutely put on a show.
In 2019 he missed most of the season with a hyperextended knee that was caused when he was breaking on a route. This was a real shame as he had been so productive the year prior and had gotten off to a great start in 2019.
He will try to run through contact and is always looking to attack the football.
114 Receptions for 1,258 yards in 2018 to go along with 12 TD's. His production was off the charts good and I really have an emphasis on receptions because if your consistent catching the football at the college level you should have no problem at the NFL level. He has got natural hands and rarely drops the football.
I can not judge as I have not met him.
Deep Threat
He is very good at tracking the football deep. It's very natural and he catches it over the shoulder with ease and consistency.
Over the Middle
He will catch it over the middle and lower his shoulders to try to bounce off the hit. But he prefers a quick juke to avoid tacklers and accelerate up the field.
The biggest issue with his upside is his size and injuries but other than that he has everything else you look for in a wide receiver.
He was the go-to guy at Purdue when he was healthy and he will continue to be in this upcoming season if he healthy.
He is outstanding with ball in his hands and he has great acceleration. he also is very crisp at running his routes and getting open. He is quick with natural hands and he had 114 receptions during his freshman year he was heavily relied upon. he has got toughness as hew will catch it and take a hit but stay balanced due to his low center of gravity.
Injury and size are his biggest weaknesses. Can he recover from a hyperextended knee and be the same player we saw in 2018 is the biggest question. Also, we can not overlook he's only 5'9 180 which is undersized for the outside WR position. Although the size is the least of my concerns. Health is a big factor and will make an impact on where he will be selected in the draft.
Overall Analysis
I loved everything about his 2018 film and he showcased good route running, quickness, and an easy transition from catch to run. He also knows how to track the deep ball well and does it naturally. He can outrun defenders and his low center of gravity can cause him to bounce off high tackling defenders. His biggest concern is his injury can he stay the same player after missing most of 2019 with a hyperextended knee. Also, his size is not the biggest at 5'9 180 but I'm not as concerned. He has got good hands and is smooth on his breaks and should find success at the next level if he can return back healthy. Round Projection (Late 1st - Mid 3rd ) Personal Projection (Top 15) Team Fits ( Jets, 49ers, Patriots)
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