My Scouting Report for Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman

Team : San Francisco 49ers | Sports : Football | Position : CB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Cornerback [CB]

Sherman ran a 4.56 40 yard dash when he was first coming out of college but has seen a decrease in speed as he has grown older. He is still able to stay step for step on most plays but has a vulnerability against extremely speedy WRs, like Desean Jackson.
Sherman is one of the best bump-and-run corners in the NFL. He rarely gets beat down the field when he presses and plays extremely better when pressing as opposed to playing off man.
Has good agility and athletic ability, especially when changing directions horizontally or accelerating vertically down the field.
Rarely ever has to recover when he gets beat, but has the ability to stay stride for stride with a receiver if he does get beat. Also plays physical if a receiver blows past his inside shoulder.
Play Recognition
Has phenomenal play recognition due to his high IQ and ability to be versatile in both man and zone coverage.
Has above average tackling ability, but needs to work on his angles when attempting to catch up to a runner in open space. Sherman also misses too many tackles on wide receivers.
Man Coverage
When in man coverage, Sherman is almost always following the best wide receiver on the opposing team. Moreover, Sherman's man coverage is so great that opposing quarterbacks rarely even look in his direction because they know it won't end well.
Zone Coverage
Sherman is a versatile cornerback who performs really well in zone coverage. When Sherman is in zone coverage quarterbacks rarely targets his zone and he often has to pick up the slack for his teammates when they fail to cover their zone.
Sherman is always a threat to force a fumble, recover a fumble or get an interception.
Eight seasons in the NFL have taken a toll on Sherman's health, which has led him to miss games due to calf, elbow and hamstring injuries. Recently, he tore his Achilles recently and has missed time due to a severe elbow injury.
Gets along with most of his teammates and is a stellar, impactful member of his community.
Sherman exhibits remarkable work ethic, likeability, intelligence and confidence on the field and also is one of the best leaders in the NFL.
Never takes a snap off, and is consistent from the beginning snap of the first regular season game until the last game of his season.
Sherman's strengths include his coverage in both man and zone situations, his press, his character and intangibles, his ball-hawking and his play recognition and IQ.
His weaknesses are his durability and tackling.
Overall Analysis
Even at the age of 31, Richard Sherman is one of the top ten cornerbacks in the NFL. Sherman is so tremendous that opposing quarterbacks are afraid to even look his way in both zone and man coverage. While he isn't one of the fastest corners in the league, his bump and run style allows him to press elite wide receivers at the line of scrimmage and prevent them from completing a catch. Some might question if Sherman is still a threat in the NFL because of his low interception totals last season, but these numbers were a testament to how scared opposing QBs are of targetting the eight-year veteran. Sherman's issues have very little to do with his play on the field, but more so to do with his inability to consistently stay on the field. In the last two seasons, Sherman has missed nine games as a result of injuries and had to miss the second half of the week 17 game against the Rams due to Achilles pain. Even though Sherman is one of the best CBs in the NFL and is definitely the best CB on the 49ers, San Francisco would be wise to pay close attention to his health and make sure that he doesn't hurt his Achilles again or gain another injury.
Compares to
Richard Sherman is often compared to young players like, Joejuan Williams and Stephen Denmark.
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