My Scouting Report for Rashod Bateman

Rashod Bateman

Team : Minnesota Golden Gophers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He is not the fastest receiver but his speed is good enough. He can stride it out when he hits the open field. He probably runs in the high 4.5s low 4.6s
Pass Catching
He catches the football outside his body and he is very smooth from his transition from catching to turning up and running. He has got natural hands
Route Running
He runs really crisp routes and his choppy footwork makes it hard for DB's to react to his cuts and breaks on rou=utes
His strength is solid he can break arm tackles but he will not run anybody over.
Vertical Ability
He is not a deep threat he has got good hands and is able to catch the deep ball but he struggles to separate off press.
Run after Catch
He has one move that will make you miss but his strength are his hands. He does not posess the speed to outrun faster corners but he is really natural at catching the football allowing the transition to run after the catch easier.
Catching in Traffic
He has strong hands to pluck the ball in the air and make catches with defenders draped all over him. He has got really good extension with his arms which allows him to catch a lot of footballs outside of his frame.
Big Play Ability
His big-play ability is when he makes a great catch downfield. He will make defenders miss and break arm tackles but overall does not possess the speed to outrun faster corners.
He has played in every game so far in his career and seems to be healthy. No major injuries.
He will catch the ball in between traffic but he also rather make a defender miss than take him head-on.
He had over 1200 yards and 11 TDs in 2019 and he is still only a Sophmore. The production is excellent.
I have not met with him so I can not judge.
Deep Threat
He does not possess the requisite speed to run by corners. But he will make a catch downfield and cause separation using his route running.
Over the Middle
When he is able to catch a slant over the middle its when he is the most dangerous because his transition from catch to run is really good. He will also catch the football extremely well and has got really good hands.
He at worst is a possession receiver. But I think he can be a really good wide receiver with more experience and make a lot of tough catches.
He is the best receiver for his team and along with recently drafted Tyler Johnson made a formidable duo in the Big 10 possibly even the best. He consistently made contested catches and was heavily relied upon
He has got really good hands along with a great ability to make catches outside of his frame. He has got an easy transition from catch to run making it better to get extra yards before an oncoming tackler. He is also a really good route runner and uses his choppy feet and technique to create enough separation.
Rashod Bateman does not possess the best speed. He can also look to get a bit stronger so he can win more times in press coverage. He also needs to improve his contact balance so that he can break more tackles after the catch.
Overall Analysis
I think Rashod Bateman has got the chance to be a really good receiver in the NFL. He might start out as a number 2 receiver and transition into a teams number 1 but that depends on offensive schemes and the player's development. He has got really good route running and hands and can end up being an elite WR at the next level. If he can improve his speed and get stronger he can really end up being dominant. He also needs to continue to expand his route tree. Projection (Round 1) top 20
Compares to
Kennan Allen
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