My Scouting Report for Quintez Cephus

Quintez Cephus

Team : Wisconsin Badgers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

His speed is very underwhelming but I do not believe its as bad as the 4.73 he ran at the combine. I would project him to be more of an athlete who runs in the 4.6s. I just don't think he tests very well.
Pass Catching
He has got very strong hands and knows how to adjust to the ball. He does not possess the biggest hands as he only has 8 3/4 inch size but that's no indication of the strength he has when catching the football.
Route Running
His route running is not that great as many times he lacks the foot quickness to create separation. He has to rely on his physical strength as opposed to his ability to separate in the route.
This is the biggest strength of his game. His physicality and his ability to outmuscle corners are what allows him to make plays. His strength is evident as well as he put up 23 reps on the bench at the combine.
Vertical Ability
He does not possess the requisite speed to challenge defenses vertically. He is better at catching a slant and getting a short burst of yards using his play strength.
Run after Catch
He will be able to drag smaller defenders for a few yards after the catch but he rarely out runs anyone.
Catching in Traffic
He does this quite well as he is able to adjust to footballs and use his strength to come up with contested catches. This is the main part of his game and he is seen more as a possession receiver who will catch it in traffic more often than not.
Big Play Ability
Not really in his game. He will make a really nice catch but he won't get many yards after that. He does not possess enough explosiveness
He had a season-ending leg injury in the 2017 season that forced him to miss the rest of the year.
he makes a lot of contested catches and he demonstrates he is willing to
2019 was his most productive year with 59 reception for 901 yards. That is solid but then again he projects to be more of a number 2 receiver at the next level (possession receiver).
I have not met with him so I can not judge.
Deep Threat
This is certainly not his game and he doesn't possess enough speed to challenge good corners at the next level.
Over the Middle
He has got strong hand and can catch it in traffic even with a corner all over him. His play strength is what allows him to be effective in this area.
He is a number 2 receiver who can be very effective in an offense that utilizes the short pass game.
He got consistently better throughout his career at Wisconsin posting his best stats in his final year and having his best games as his final three games.
He has got tremendous play strength and can adjust to catches effectively. He will catch in traffic and use his play strength to drag smaller corners. His physicality is what makes him an effective receiver.
For a guy who plays with a lot of physicality he is not the biggest receiver at only 6'1 205. He lacks explosiveness and does not have a second gear. he also does not separate well due to his lack of quickness on his routes.
Overall Analysis
He has got a chance to be a good possession receiver at the next level who excels in the short pass game and make his presence felt on contested catches. He lacks really explosiveness or quickness so he will have trouble winning on routes. Update Drafted (Drafted 5th round 166 overall)
Compares to
Anquan Boldin
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