My Scouting Report for Quintez Cephus

Quintez Cephus

Team : Wisconsin Badgers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : TFriedlaender . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Doesn't have a very fast top speed. But he has quick acceleration, he can get to his top speed on few steps.
Pass Catching
Very strong hands gives him the ability to make contested catches very consistently. High points the ball over defenders and can take a hit over the middle and still hang on to the ball.
Route Running
A smooth athlete that gets in and out of his breaks quickly. Very proficient at quick short range routes like curls, slants, outs, and ins. He doesn't create a lot of separation on deep routes because of his low top speed.
His most noticeable attribute, he pushes the DB's around and is often making catches with defenders right on his back. He is an extremely physical runner and it usually takes two defenders to take him down.
Vertical Ability
High points the ball really well and often comes down with those catches.
Run after Catch
He is a smooth runner once he has the ball. He is has the ability to make defenders miss but also is able to run through defenders. He is not afraid of contact and is always fighting for extra yards.
Catching in Traffic
Consistently catches balls over defenders and over the middle of the field. Because of his sub standard separation abilities he has to make almost all his catches in traffic.
Big Play Ability
He is limited because of his speed, but will sometimes catch a defender off guard if they are not ready for his fast acceleration. Uses his short range routes to set up for going long.
Gets hit a lot, very physical player in all aspects of his game. But he hasn't gotten injured much just played a whole season healthy.
Delivers and receives a lot of hits and always comes back for more. Also a really good down the field blocker.
Consistently gets 3-5 catches every game for at least 50 yards. Had 7 touchdowns this past year.
Can't say much about his character except he was accused of sexual assault in 2018 but was acquitted of the charges that same year.
Deep Threat
Has trouble getting separation on the deep routes, but has really good ball instincts and catches the ball over defenders. He is good at the back shoulder catches. Hard for him to get open in man coverage.
Over the Middle
This is where he accumulates most of his catches. Really good with slant and drag routes. Takes big hits and holds on to the ball.
He had more than 3 or more catches in all but two games last year. He also just gives consistent effort on both run and pass plays he doesn't take plays off.
He is a very strong receiver who makes most of his catches in traffic or with a defender draped all over him. He has very strong hands and rarely drops a well thrown ball, and has the ability to make catches over a defender. His specialty is running short quick hitting routes like slants, ins, outs, and curls, these routes allow him to use his YAC ability where he is a very physical runner who can also make defenders miss. He is feels out zone coverage well and is able to find the soft spots. He accelerates quickly in and out of breaks, and uses his quick hitting routes to set up for going deep. He is a very willing and capable down field blocker, I saw him break long runs for his RB's from direct result of his stalk block.
His biggest weakness is that he does not have a very fast top speed, this makes it hard for him to get separation on deep routes in any coverage. He struggles with separation on his short routes when he is faced with man coverage. He very occasionally drops an easy pass when there is no one on him most likely because he is used to making contested catches.
Overall Analysis
I think he is going to be a really solid 2nd or 3rd option wide out for the Detroit Lions. His lack of speed and separation are the only things that are keeping him from being a potential number 1 receiver in the NFL.
Compares to
Anquan Boldin
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak