My Scouting Report for Peyton Ramsey

Peyton Ramsey

Team : Indiana Hoosiers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Peyton Ramsey has inconsistent arm strength. While he can throw vertically with incredible velocity, he lacks enough arm strength to throw outside. There are also many deep passes where the ball nose dives too quickly, leading to underthrows.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Peyton Ramsey excelled, throwing deep in Northwestern's offense. He is comfortable checking the ball down to open RBs and generally makes good decisions at this level of the field. He is especially good at throwing short passes while on the run and on play action.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Ramsey is an inconsistent intermediate passer. He does a good job locating open WRs 10+ yards downfield but struggles hitting guys outside the hash marks.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Ramsey is an aggressive passer with nice deep passing accuracy. Against Wisconsin, Ramsey carved up the Badgers defense by hitting open wideouts. His deep passing skills on the run are insane and make him a significant playmaking threat.
Pocket Presence
Ramsey does a good job sensing pressure in the pocket. Furthermore, he is an elusive QB who can avoid pressure and extend plays with his legs. Although, his terrific poise enables him to be remarkably accurate while under duress.
Despite being a slower dual-threat QB, Ramsey is an elusive athlete who can extend plays with his legs. His mobility allowed him to excel in Pat Fitzgerald's heavy roll-out and play-action scheme. He is also effective at picking up consistent yardage while scrambling and locating receivers downfield.
Throughout most drives, Ramsey consistently finds someone open. Moreover, he is comfortable checking the ball down to open RBs rather than holding onto the ball too long. He still needs to find receivers quicker because there are many plays where he is a second late anticipating where his WRs are.
Ramsey does a good job standing tall in the pocket, even with pressure in his face. However, he sometimes fails to set his feet due to jittery feet. This issue impacts his accuracy, along with awkward looping motion. However, his release is quick and powerful at the short level of the field. His mechanics throwing on the run are also impressive.
Peyton Ramsey suffered an unspecified injury against Maryland in 2017.
Peyton Ramsey displays excellent leadership in the locker room and in the classroom, where he taught classes to earn a degree in education.
Game Management
Peyton Ramsey is a capable game manager who does a good job balancing aggressiveness with ball security. His versatility and high football IQ also make him a good asset on third down. As a result, he is a good QB at extending drives.
Peyton Ramsey does a good job keeping the football out of harm's way. Additionally, he regularly makes the best decision with the football in his hands.
Peyton Ramsey has adequate height and weight for a QB.
Peyton Ramsey is a lumbering QB with a slow initial burst. This lack of speed limits his upside in read-option schemes because DEs can quickly tackle him. However, his elusiveness and quick jukes make up for this issue.
Play-Making Ability
Peyton Ramsey is a significant big-play threat due to his terrific deep passing and mobility. He threw five incredible passes against Wisconsin's elite defense and managed to carve them up with precision passing.
Peyton Ramsey had solid production for a college QB. He was a good dual-threat QB who was active on the ground and through the air. Plus, he led Northwestern to the Big Ten Championship last season.
While Ramsey lacks insane physical traits, he makes up for it with solid intangibles. His poise, leadership, and football IQ would make him a terrific player in an NFL locker room. Plus, he has the aggressive IT factor necessary to rally a team past adversity.
Throughout his college career, Peyton Ramsey was a fairly consistent QB on a game-by-game basis. Therefore, he is a potential backup quarterback with a high floor.
Peyton Ramsey's best attribute is his mobility. Despite being a slower dual-threat QB, Ramsey is an elusive athlete who can extend plays with his legs after escaping from defenders. His mobility and poise in the pocket allowed him to excel in Pat Fitzgerald's heavy roll-out and play-action scheme. He is also effective at picking up consistent yardage while scrambling and locating receivers downfield. He is also a terrific playmaker who can thread the needle against tight coverage and find open receivers for big plays downfield. Plus, he has solid intangibles such as a high football IQ and admirable leadership.
Despite his elusiveness and playmaking ability, Peyton Ramsey lacks speed and arm strength. These issues lower his ceiling as a dual-threat QB because he will likely fail to pick up significant rushing yardage in the NFL. Peyton should still succeed in heavy play-action and roll-out schemes, but his mechanics will inhibit him from fitting in most schemes. This issue stems from the fact that he has awkward arm mechanics and jittery footwork that prevent him from throwing with insane velocity. As a result, he cannot throw outside the numbers, and many of his passes flutter 10+ yards downfield.
Overall Analysis
Peyton Ramsey would be a suitable backup QB for a team that uses a lot of play-action like the Ravens or 49ers. While he needs to refine his mechanics and still develop as a passer, Ramsey has incredible intangibles such as poise and decision making. These traits, coupled with his ability to balance game management with aggressiveness, would make him a quality QB to rally a team during challenging situations. However, his lack of physical traits will likely prevent him from dominating in the NFL.
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