My Scouting Report for Penei Sewell

Penei Sewell

Team : Oregon Ducks (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : OT | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Offense Tackle [OT]

Run Blocking
He is very effective when he run blocks, a big part due to his athleticism. He uses his acceleration to generate power when he run blocks as well. But his technique and footwork need work.
Pass Blocking
He needs to be more aggressive when he pass blocks as he tends to catch defenders. again this goes back to being a technique issue. he needs better hand placement and needs to create impact with his punches rather than waiting for the defender.
Impact Blocking
His athleticism is what really demonstrates his more highlight type plays. He has got such natural athletism but his technique needs refinement. He understands where he needs to be and can sometimes anticipate the defender's movement which is impressive. There are inconsistencies where he catches defenders rather than engaging or his hand placement is to high.
He needs to refine his technique as there are times he crosses his feet when he pulls. He should open up his hips. Also when he runs or pass blocks he needs to engage and drive the defender. He needs to use his feet to drive defenders off the ball. But don't mistake this for a lack of foot quickness because he is very quick for a big man.
I feel like he has got strength but his technique makes him look weaker than he is. He stops his feet and does not finish the blocks at times.
He lacks the aggressiveness that I like from an OL. He relies too much on his athletism to win and against a more physically strong player such as an NFL DL if he does not play 100% he will get road graded due to his laziness.
This is where he comes into the conversation as an elite prospect. He moves so swiftly and naturally. When he gets momentum on his reach blocks he usually pancakes 2 level defenders.
He is 6'6 325 which is a really good size for the position.
Had a high ankle sprain that cost him six weeks in 2018.
I don't know as I have not met him before.
He needs work on his technique as he has inconsistent hand placement and he lacks technical footwork.
He has a ton of upside but he is raw and needs to be groomed under a good OL coach to fix his inconsistencies with technique.
He needs to be more consistent with his impact blocking as he can lack aggression at times causing him to catch defenders rather than deliver the blow.
He is a very athletically gifted player. He is an extremely smooth mover and gets to the second level with extreme ease. He has got good size and a ton of upside.
He needs to refine his technique. I see that on film he stops his feet and he waits at times for the defender to engage with him rather than on the point of contact and laying a strong punch. He needs to play with more aggressiveness as sometimes I feel he relies too heavily on his athleticism causing him to be lazy.
Overall Analysis
He is an extremely gifted athlete and can definitely hold his own against the more athletic edge rushers. The issue is he is very raw and needs to refine his technique significantly. If he has time to develop he will be one of the most gifted OT in the NFL. He will need some time though as he is still very young and will get a wake-up call in the NFL. He is too reliant on his athleticism and that causes him to be lazy. That will not fly in the NFL and he will get beat. He needs a good OL coach to refine his technique before he plays an NFL game. Projection (Round 1 Top 10) Team Fits (Bengals, Chargers)
Compares to
Terron Armstead
Untapped potential
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