My Scouting Report for Pat Freiermuth

Pat Freiermuth

Team : Penn St. Nittany Lions (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : TFriedlaender . Position :Tight End [TE]

He is not fast but he is a smooth runner, with good enough speed to create a mismatch for the LB's.
Pass Catching
Really impressive hands, he has the ability to make one handed catches. Always attacks the ball with his hands he never lets it get into his body.
Route Running
He isn't very fast but he is a really technically sound route runner. Uses false steps and head fakes really well, as well as his has good hand use to create that little extra separation.
He has the strength to break tackles in the open field, takes more than one defender to take him down. Could be more physical when blocking.
Run Blocking
He has the size and the strength to be a really good run blocker, he just needs some work with his technique. Specifically, he needs to work on his head placement and driving his legs once contact is made.
He doesn't lose much speed in and out of his cuts, he just doesn't pick up speed very quickly.
Run After Catch
He is a smooth runner who is able to turn his hips and get up field. Runs with power as well, but could be more violent as a runner especially with his size.
Big Play Ability
He is more of possession and red zone receiver. But can stretch the defense vertically if he catches them flat footed.
Pat is a physical beast at 6'5 250 lbs, yet he has surprisingly quick feet for someone with his size. He is a really savvy route runner especially with quick hitting in and out routes, and has really reliable hands to make tough contested catches all over the field. He is a really smart football player, he can recognize coverage's and find soft spots in the defense, he also understands situations and makes timely plays.
The one area of improvement that Pat needs to work on is his physicality. He is huge and that is why it is kind of curious as to why he isn't a better blocker than he is, he shows signs of good blocking technique but he needs to show more physicality to finish blocks. He also doesn't have much big play potential in him, he is more of a possession receiver.
Overall Analysis
What I like most about Pat is the fact that he is a really smart football player already, he does a lot of little things really well. And it doesn't hurt that he is 250 lbs and can run clean routes over the middle of the field, with the hands to make tough contested catches. I even think that he was hampered by his QB play last year because he makes a ton of catches at his feet or behind him. He is a first round talent for sure it is just a matter of team needs because normally TE's don't get picked until late 1st early 2nd round.
Compares to
Kyle Rudolph, Rob Gronkowski
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak