My Scouting Report for Mike Evans

Mike Evans

Team : Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mrossi78 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Has separation speed that DBs underestimate. Long strider that eats ground. Ran a 4.53 40 at his combine in 2014. Doesn't have crazy burst, takes time to get to full speed. Really good feet/ short area quickness.
Pass Catching
Tracks the ball extremely well. Has a huge catch radius and strong hands. Has good concentration to catch in tough situations. Had 8 drops in 2018, 6th most in the league. Has a reputation for making really tough catches and then has some bad drops.
Route Running
He is a physical route runner who runs through or around DBs. His deep threat ability allows him to set up defenders well, making them think he is going long before he breaks. Really sudden and it's shocking how fast he pedals down and gets out of his breaks. Routes take longer to develop. Finds holes in zone coverage. Gets away with some pushing off.
He is stranger than pretty much every corner he faces. He uses his strength to defeat press coverage, get defenders away from his body downfield, and make catches through contact. He is also a strong run blocker who can dummy smaller DBs with his strength..
Vertical Ability
Has a 37 inch vertical. Huge jump ball threat. He's 6'5 so he can get vertical over almost anyone. Catches passes that would be overthrows to almost anyone else.
Run after Catch
Not very elusive, isn't making people miss with jukes. Runs strong when he can turn upfield and prefers to lower his shoulder and get tough yards. Looks like he expects contact after the catch and braces himself or just hits the deck at times. Probably not outrunning too many DBs with the ball in his hands unless he can go in a straight line. Always falls forward.
Catching in Traffic
Contested catch rate of 61.3% was good for 5th in the league. Huge frame makes it hard for DBs to disrupt the catch or to come in late and make a play.
Big Play Ability
It seems like every other play is a 30+ yard gain or a TD with him. He's huge and has a great ability to win deep down the field and then go and finish the play. Finishing the catch is what he really excels at and makes him stand out from other WRs. Averaged over 17 yards per catch. Longest catch of 2018 was 72 yards. Not great Run after catch ability, takes what is given to him, not really creating for himself.
Has had mostly minor injuries in his career including 2 groin pulls, a concussion, a pulled hamstring, and a pulled abdominal muscle. Has missed game time only twice, and none since 2015.
Tough when DBs try to be physical with him. Tough after the catch. Hard nosed run blocker. Goes down without contact or will step out of bounds to avoid it at times.
3rd in the league in receiving yards in 2018 with 1,524 yards on 86 catches. Had 9 total TDs in 2018. Has produced throughout his career.
Started a fight against the Saints in 2017. Got ejected for disrespecting an official in 2015. Has some impulsiveness he needs to clean up. Hasn't done anything off the field that is a concern.
Deep Threat
One of the most productive deep threats in the NFL. Benefitted from a lot of great passes by his QBs. Avg target distance was 16 yards downfield, and he had the highest amount of air yards per reception which is how far down the field he caught the ball, not including run after the catch. These are Fancy Stats but they are useful for describing his deep threat ability and usage.
Over the Middle
Huge guy with strong hands gives him an advantage. Doesn't like contact coming from his face but he is fine with a DB on his back. Able to keep his concentration most of the time.
He's a dog. He plays very emotional and passionate but he has to keep it under control during the game. Has a knack for making big plays.
Had 4 or more catches in 14 out of 16 games. Has been a consistent producer throughout his career.
Evans is a massive target at 6'5, 231 lbs. but he's sneaky fast too. He runs really good routes and knows how to set up defenders to create separation. Strong, tough, and physical. Really good body positioning and control. Jump ball threat with huge vertical. Very good at making contested catches. Big play ability is one of the best in the league and as is the deep threat he creates for the Bucs. Pretty durable and consistent production. Shields defenders from the ball well. Has a reputation for making crazy catches. Strong run blocker when he wants to be.
Run after the catch. Drops. On field emotions get him in trouble. Doesn't have great agility to avoid defenders. Sometimes catches the ball and hits the ground or runs out of bounds to avoid contact. Lots of minor injuries early in his career. Doesn't like pressure/contact coming from his face when he is trying to make a catch.
Overall Analysis
When people talk about the best wide receivers in the league, Mike Evans is often left off that list because he plays on a pretty bad team and doesn't get the same recognition. He should be in that conversation because of his big play prowess and his physical dominance. He's one of those rare guys who is open even when he is blanketed in coverage. Over his career he has 6,103 yards & 40 TDs in 5 seasons so his production is through the roof. Keep in mind the Buccaneers QB situation has not been up and down and they've had a revolving door of head coaches in his time. It's time Evans started getting more respect for how good he is and what he means to the Bucs organization, especially his QB Jameis Winston.
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