My Scouting Report for Maximiliano Moralez

Maximiliano Moralez

New York City FC

Scouting Analysis

Players Scouting Analytics by Jon_Arouca . Position :Midfielder [MF]

Skill Attribute
Although Maxi is near the end of his career he still has great bursts of acceleration but over long distance, his sprint speed has decreased over the years.
One of Maxi's best traits throughout his career was has been his dribbling. Due to his low center of gravity Maxi has excellent close control and can dribble past players pretty quickly.
Playmaking Ability
Maxi's best position is the #10 role because of his playmaking ability. It's his best quality as a player. He finished top of the MLS assists chart for the 2018 season with 18 assists.
His passing ability is incredible and it's the reason he has gotten so many assists throughout his career. Maxi is an expert at quick link up play, but also has an eye for a defence-splitting through-ball.
His balance is quite good especially for his low center of gravity. And his strength is decent for his height, but he gets pushed around easily since he's only 5'3''.
Aerial Play
As just mentioned since he's only 5'3'' he rarely wins any aerial duels. He only averaged 0.3 aerial duels won per game last season. On top of that, he's only ever scored 4 headers in his entire professional career.
Field Vision
His field vision is phenomenal. He often plays great link up passes to set the striker through. But he also loves to play through-balls in between the lines to a winger or full-back. His vision is part of the reason why he had the most assists in the MLS during the 2018 season.
Maxi's positioning and reading of the game in the final third is pretty good. He often positions himself for the cutback so he can get some space to get a shot off at goal.
Maxi has gotten a fair amount of yellow cards during his time with NYC FC. But that could be because of NYC's high pressing when they immediately lose possession of the ball. Due to this high pressing Maxi does give away a few fouls and picks up some yellows. Although he has picked up a fair amount of yellows he's never gotten a red card in his entire career.
Maxi hasn't always been known as a goalscorer. He's more recognized as the playmaker who sets up the goals. His finishing, however, has improved over the years, and during the 2018 MLS season, he scored 9 league goals which is a career high for him in one season.
Defensive Ability
Maxi hasn't always tracked back in his career. He's always been the playmaker that roams around the attacking third freely. But in recent years he has improved his defensive side of the game and during the 2018 MLS season, he averaged around 2 tackles per game.
His stamina is incredible for his age because even though he's 32 he still plays 90 minutes in many games throughout the season. His durability is also incredible because he's only missed 14 games due to injury since the start of his career.
Wow Factor
Maxi is a very small footballer so many people are often impressed by him when he dribbles by defenders who are 6'+. People also get impressed with his passing ability especially when he picks up an assist.
His main strengths are his playmaking ability, his passing ability/ field vision, and his low center of gravity and close control dribbling.
His weaknesses are mostly down to his physical attributes. His 2 biggest weaknesses are his weak aerial play and his overall strength. Since he's a small guy he can't really do anything about these weaknesses. He tends to avoid situations where he would have to be involved in out strengthening another player or to challenge for an aerial ball.
Overall Analysis
Although Maxi doesn't have the greatest physical traits he's still a wonderful footballer who has become a great playmaker and one of the best midfielders in MLS.
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