My Scouting Report for Matisse Thybulle

Matisse Thybulle

Washington Huskies (MBB)
SG | SF | PF |
United States

Scouting Analysis

Players Scouting Analytics by tirdodbehbehani . Position :Shooting Guard [SG]

Skill Attribute
Speed (Lateral)
Possesses nice lateral quickness. Really good footwork
Speed (Agility)
Quick-twitch acceleration. Great vertical, plays above the rim. Moves well, very nimble. Strong for his size too.
Dribbling Ability
Capable dribbler, although can be bothered in traffic. Has nice jab step and hesi. Decent crossover. Struggles to create when the straight-line drive isn't there. Solid dribbler with his off-hand (left)
Passing Ability
Can't really make the difficult pass, but great at making the extra pass (demonstrates Basketball IQ). Can overcompensate when the defense tries to deny the ball from where he's trying to pass it to, leads to errant passes.
Free Throws
Career 78% FT shooter.
Long range shot consistency (3s)
Capable outside shooter, sports a career 37% 3P%. A bit inconsistent here, both in percentage and technique. Doesn't always set his feet and has a bit of an elbow flare. However, he has a high release point , both in his jump and arm extension, which makes it difficult to get a hand on his shots.
Mid-range shot consistency
Doesn't really have a mid-range game, has only made 2 of 10 mid-range shots through 27 games
Decision Making
Patient and smart player. Employs pump fakes on hard closeouts to create space. Makes the extra pass.
Ability to Finish in the lane
Good finisher, shooting 63.6% at the rim to date. Finishes above the rim, uses his vertical and wingspan to his benefit here. Two foot leaper
Effective Post up
No sample size
Play off the Ball
Good on catch and shoot jumpers, especially when left unguarded (89th percentile)
Uses screens effectively
Doesn't really run the PnR. Best when he uses screen from the right corner to attack the rim going left. Don't think he has the ball handling to do this consistently
Fast Release Time
Doesn't have the quickest release, but shooting form is in one motion. As previously mentioned above, has high release point too. Has played around with his shooting form a bit, but promising overall
Not a great rebounder, but when he has to go get them displays high effort level
Defensive Effectiveness (Zone)
Flies around the court in Washington's Zone. Great at contesting shots, but occasionally can be out of control on closeout. Does a great job at keeping his hips in front of his man. Can be a bit better at anticipating screens, but he has shown improvement here.
Defensive Effectiveness (Man to Man)
Doesn't play in a man d, but has all the tools to translate his zone effectiveness to a man to man scheme. To name a few, his length, Defensive IQ, disruptiveness, athleticism should translate to the next level
Most disruptive defender in college basketball, leads the nation in Stock%. A couple of these are "college steals", but still really impressive here. Has license to provide aggressive help. Master of letting his man think he's beaten him just to block the shot.
Leadership Ability
Not a natural in your face leader, more of a team player who leads by example. Always looks to help up teammates when they're down
Very versatile defensively, can switch 1-4.
High motor, hustles, always engaged, takes ownership for mistakes
Disruptiveness, Defensive IQ, Length, Athleticism, On-Ball Defense, Off-Ball Defense, Switching, Intangibles
Shot Creation, Dribbling in Traffic, Passing
Overall Analysis
Matisse Thybulle is a 3-and-D wing who screams defensive upside. He's long, strong for his size, athletic, and smart. He's a remarkably disruptive defender who has a knack for forcing turnovers. For all the concerns that he won't be able to be as successful in a man defense, he seems to possess all the tools to be able to do so. He's not as good offensively, but he's capable of still being a positive influence here through his strong finishing and solid (although work in progress) outside shot. Thybulle is currently projected to be a second round pick, but I think once the Draft gets to around the 20th pick he should be on every team's mind.
Compares to
Josh Hart, Robert Covington
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak