My Scouting Report for Marquez Stevenson

Marquez Stevenson

Team : Houston Cougars (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He has got great speed and will probably time in the 4.3's maybe low 4.4's. he can outrun most defenders.
Pass Catching
He is not the most natural catcher of the football. A lot of times when he catches the football he needs to take a second or to gather the catch. He might need to train catching the football with his hands as he is more comfortable tracking the deep ball into his body.
Route Running
He is a raw route runner who lacks physicality through his routes. he needs space to be effective or he gets out physicaled by most corners.
He has very lackluster strength and it will be problematic at the next level. Corners will bump into him and completely throw him off his route.
Vertical Ability
This will be his calling card at the next level. Teams will ask him to utilize his blazing speed.
Run after Catch
He can be very dangerous if he has some space as his speed creates massive separation between him and the defender.
Catching in Traffic
He is just not physical enough to sustain the catch upon impact.
Big Play Ability
His speed is evident on the end around and he burst into another gear and outruns everyone.
He suffered an ankle injury this past season that caused him to miss some games. He tore his ACL in 2017 which caused him to miss the season but came back the next season and had 1,000-yard season.
He is not overly physical but has overcome injuries to continue playing and has a bevy of experience.
He had a very good 2018 season when he eclipsed 1000 yards but his stats worsened in 2019 and an injury in 2020 really caused a decrease in production. 2019- 907 yards 2020- 307 yards
I can not judge as I have not met him personally.
Deep Threat
This will be his role at the next level as his speed is what will get him drafted.
Over the Middle
He is not physical enough to survive over the middle.
He is purely a deep threat with adequate size.
He has no consistency in his game and it becomes evident through his stats. he needs to be more consistent throughout his game and prove that he can be healthy.
He has blazing speed and he can threaten defenses. He is also capable of creating space with only his quickness and athleticism. He is a good deep threat receiver who can track the ball relatively well.
He is slender in frame and does not possess any physicality in his game. He often gets manhandled by corners and it is problematic when he works the sidelines. He also does not seem to have natural hands often double catching and having to collect himself when he catches to avoid dropping the pass. He needs to train more with the jugs machine to help improve this aspect of his game.
Overall Analysis
I think he has got a chance to work as a backup and it might be best to have him redshirt a year in the NFL so he can build up a stronger frame. He was not very productive and is not physical. His best trait is his speed and that simply is not enough to warrant a high draft pick. He needs to improve as a route runner and learn how to utilize a defender's momentum against them given most of the time they are stronger than him. Projected Rounds (6th to UNDFA) Team Fits ( Chargers, 49ers, WFT)
Compares to
John Hightower
Untapped potential
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