My Scouting Report for LeBron James

LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers
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United States

Scouting Analysis

Players Scouting Analytics by SCastro27 . Position :Small Forward [SF]

Skill Attribute
Speed (Lateral)
He can turn on the jets when he needs to, his signature chase-down blocks & transition game are testaments to that. He is one of the fastest players in the league & this is a rare feat given his size.
Speed (Agility)
He is a quick and agile player, being 6'8" its extraordinary that he can guard almost anyone in the league. From guards to centers, LeBron can stay in front of his man & provide lockdown defense.
Dribbling Ability
He is not known to be a profound dribbler, but he can facilitate an offense with his series of moves or get into the paint with ease.
Passing Ability
LeBron is gifted in terms of vision. He's able to space the floor with his shooting ability but uses this advantage to set up his teammates with opportunities to score. His passing ability rivals those of elite level point guards across the league.
Free Throws
This is the one category that LeBron has not been exceptional in, Free Throws. He's struggled at the line throughout his career, going so far as to change his shooting form multiple times in the hopes of an increase in consistency. So far, this past season at the line has been his most consistent.
Long range shot consistency (3s)
LeBron is not recognized for his ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc however, this is an ability he does possess within his arsenal. Its actually quite overlooked, being 6'8" but shooting 36.8% from 3 is extremely impressive. He's shooting a better percentage than most point guards and shooting guards. Being an SF/PF by position, rarely anyone playing those roles has a percentage close to that.
Mid-range shot consistency
LeBron relies on his mid-range/Post up capabilities to space the floor. He's able to dominate in the post, but he also uses his vision to deliver passes while he's in the paint. His physicality allows him to easily get into the lane and on fast breaks, he's known to throw down posters.
Decision Making
LeBron's ability to make game-time decisions is one of a kind, his decision making is why he's so often in the discussion when discussing the greatest of all time.
Ability to Finish in the lane
LeBron is a powerful basketball player who can pretty much go anywhere on the floor and do anything he sets his mind to, its part of the reason that he's credited with being so great. In the lane, he bodies up any of those unfortunate enough to have to guard him during transition or even a halfcourt setting. He uses euro steps, hook shots, floaters, stepbacks, and thunderous dunks amongst others in his arsenal to finish at the rim.
Effective Post up
He has the ability to post up with efficiency. He can sizably post up on the biggest of players and make the moves he needs to in order to score. This is one of the most dangerous parts of his game, and most teams choose to instantly double team him when he enters the paint.
Uses screens effectively
LeBron, when watching him play, rarely ever uses screens during his time on the floor. He usually does a lot of one on one action where he breaks down his defenders with ease. If anything, his use of screens is average at most, he uses them when he needs them and can absolutely destroy a team as a walking mismatch.
Fast Release Time
His shot release is at a normal speed, it's no Steph Curry, but it's not the slowest either. It's where it needs to be in order for him to get his shot off over anyone trying to block his shot attempts.
Play off the Ball
LeBron has such a high basketball IQ, that he knows where the other team's players are supposed to be while they're running a specific play. He has been recorded actually showing opponents how their plays are supposed to go. If you have a player doing things like that, it's no surprise that he can efficiently create plays not only with the ball but without.
LeBron can box out the best of them, he's currently averaging 8.6 rebounds for his career. Meaning that he's one of the elite rebounders of the NBA, as he's almost got his average close to double digits.
Defensive Effectiveness (Man to Man)
LeBron can remarkably guard almost anyone in the league, he's such a versatile player. Examples of this can be seen in not only the All-Star game, where he played Center, but also the USA National Team, where he was utilized at multiple positions. However I did say almost, he does have his limits when it comes to guarding elite dribblers. This is honestly pretty acceptable, as most players in the league can't guard them either. Even still, LeBron is able to hold his own against them.
Defensive Effectiveness (Zone)
Cleveland doesn't really play as much zone as other teams, but LeBron runs it just as well as any other player.
He can pick the pockets of those not wary enough to protect the ball, but he doesn't go after steals every game. He usually is the one getting the outlet pass to start his team's transition offense.
Leadership Ability
A reporter asked a teammate of LeBron's to state his opinion on what makes LeBron so great. In his response, Jordan Clarkson stated the difference between Kobe and LeBron was that Kobe had a killer passion to win & that sometimes caused issues with him and his teammates. The environment was harsh, there was so much pressure to appease him. On the other hand, LeBron's more focused on getting his team better. He's always the one spending extra time trying to get his teammates committed to winning.
He can play any position on the floor, as simple as that.
He's an extremely loyal player, especially to Ohio and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He promised to deliver greatness to his home and even through all the hate he had to endure when he left to go to Miami, he eventually returned and fufilled his promse. That's something not every player can say they've done.
LeBron in my opinion is the best all around basketball player this world has ever seen. Shooting, passing, defending, he can literally do it all and with exceptional skill. He is simply one of the elite players of our generation and one that will be remembered as one of the greatest athletes of all time.
LeBron has been critized as having a lack of that killer attitude that made Michael Jordan and Kobe famous. It's been a constant weakness many analysts believe he should fix. If he did have that mindset I have no doubt that instead of three rings he would have at least two more, especially with how many times he's been to the finals.
Overall Analysis
LeBron is truly a once in a generation player. He has been compared to all the greats, Michael Jordan, Kobe, Oscar Robertson, etc. But he's the first LeBron. Were witnessing a new type of player. He's been able to produce the best numbers of his career in his 15th season. This is usually around the time most players are well away from their peaks. However, he just seems to keep getting better and better every season. As his motto goes were Witnessing Greatness.
Compares to
Michael Jordan, Kobe, Scottie Pippen
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak