My Scouting Report for LeBron James

LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers
PF | SF | |
United States

Scouting Analysis

Players Scouting Analytics by Jeff_Leong . Position :Small Forward [SF]

Skill Attribute
Speed (Lateral)
The combination of his lateral quickness and size allows him to defend any player in the league. When he is engaged, he can cover more area than most players.
Speed (Agility)
His speed comes from his long strides. His speed is demonstrated in transition defense with his signature chase down blocks.
Dribbling Ability
Lebron has exceptional ball handling skills for his 6'8" 250 lb frame. He is a ball dominant point-forward. He can bring the ball up, create his own shots off the dribble, as well dribble moves from the post. His versatile ball handling skills makes him so unique. Not many big guys are capable of the dribbling responsibilities he takes on.
Passing Ability
One of the best passers to ever play the game. Will go down as one of the all time assist leaders in history. An extraordinary play-maker for his teammates. Has a knack for drawing defenders and finding the open man. His court vision is beyond remarkable. The cerebral part of his game allows him to envision plays before they happen. Ability to make any pass on the court.
Free Throws
Not one of his stronger qualities but his FT% is high enough to get by. Throughout his career, he has tried a number of routines for his FTs but has not found a consistent one.
Long range shot consistency (3s)
Has continued to get more efficient through his career. A timely 3 point shooter. Can catch fire at times but typically not his primary shot.
Mid-range shot consistency
He has developed several go-to mid-range jump shots when his team is in need of a bucket. Variety of tough shots in his arsenal from turnaround fadeaways, step backs, pull-ups. Occasionally forces some shots.
Decision Making
The most cerebral player in the league today, possibly ever to play. Generally always makes the right basketball play on both ends of the court.
Ability to Finish in the lane
When he has space to operate, he has the ability to power his way into the lane whenever he wants. Strong upper body to finish through some of the toughest contact. Likes to go left when driving. Ability to finish strong with both hands. A freight train coming through the lane where not many players are willing to attempt to step in and take a charge.
Effective Post up
Effective in slowing the game down from the post and reading the defense to make the right basketball play. Feels the defender and adjusts. Variety of effective post moves to get by defender or create a shot. Ability to face up out of post.
Uses screens effectively
The effectiveness of screens are more so when opponents are switching on defense. He understands how to get the match up he is looking for and how to attack that player.
Fast Release Time
Not the quickest release but is not necessary for him. His size and athleticism allows him to create enough separation to make contested shots.
Play off the Ball
For most his career, he is usually the ball dominant player on his team. Can get to the block and post up for the ball to be thrown in. Not a frequent ball screener. Occasionally will take some plays off when he doesn't bring up the ball.
Will engage for rebounds when necessary. High leaping ability for rebounds. Strong hands. Not an active offensive rebounder. Occasionally misses block outs.
Defensive Effectiveness (Man to Man)
So much energy is asked of him on offense that he occasionally doesn't give maximum effort on defense to pace himself. When engaged, his size and athleticism allows him to guard any player in the league. Defensively sound and difficult for average players to score on him.
Defensive Effectiveness (Zone)
Zone defense no longer exists in the NBA.
Chase down blocks is his most disruptive trait.
Leadership Ability
No matter where he plays, Lebron will always be the face of the franchise and leader of the team. He is a leader by example on and off the court. A vocal leader with high expectation of his teammates. Takes the blame for losses and credits his team for their success. Teammates look to him for answers. A forever polarizing icon of the game.
Arguably the most versatile player to ever play basketball. Can literally perform any basketball action and make any basketball play possible. A true positionless player.
Continues to make impressive basketball plays that are taken for granted. Makes the game of basketball look simple and easy. Has become a clutch player.
Cerebral player. Combination of size, athleticism, ball skills, and IQ makes him a special player. Remarkable feel for the game. Superior passing ability, court vision, and playmaker. An all time scorer. Clutch player. Extremely durable. Versatile two way player. Great teammate. Leader of men.
Not many weaknesses. Emotional player. Dedicated player that occasionally lets his emotions get the best of him. Takes some plays off to re energize. Some people criticize his assertiveness.
Overall Analysis
Compares to
Magic Johnson in playmaking, Michael Jordan in dominance
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak