My Scouting Report for Laviska Shenault

Laviska Shenault

Team : Jacksonville Jaguars | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

It's nothing special probably a 4.5 guy.
Pass Catching
He has strong hands but will occasionally have a concentration drop. Check 3rd QT with 4:22 Colorado vs Oregon 2019. Looks upfield before he secures the catch.
Route Running
He is raw at running routes. He relies on his physicality and athleticism to get by defenders.
This is where he excels at on the football field. He oftentimes tires to overpower corners and is successful at that. Check Colorado vs Colorado St. 2018 3rd QT 9:30 to go.
Vertical Ability
Not overly explosive but good speed. He takes time to get to top speed but when he does he can eat some yards. Check Colorado vs Colorado St 2018 3rd QT 12:55 to go. This showcases his ability to outrun defenders but at the NFL level they are a lot faster and will catch up to him.
Run after Catch
He definitely showcases his physicality to break tackles and get yards after the catch. Again not overly explosive and going to run past defenders who have elite speed. He is tough to bring down
Catching in Traffic
Did not see him catch it in traffic much but he does find the open space in zone or man coverages. When he does have to catch in traffic he could use his body to out physical defenders.
Big Play Ability
He is 6'2 220 and can create yards after the catch using his physicality. He is hard to bring down and his big plays are usually generated when he breaks a few tackles. Again when he gets to top speed he can cover some ground.
He suffered a core muscle injury in September of 2019 forcing him to miss some time.
If he is willing to run over defenders I'm sure he has a good level of toughness to him. Many WR's tries to avoid getting hit Laviska Shenault is looking to run someone over for extra yards.
He was very productive in 2018 but this year his production has gone down. Partly due to the QB play. He is clearly the number 1 option in Colorado and is used in a variety of different ways such as end around and even wildcat at times.
I can not judge as I have not met with him personally.
Deep Threat
Not his strong suit. He is more of a possession receiver.
Over the Middle
Often times drops in a zone so his QB can see him and get him the ball. That is very smart of him because it allows easy throws for his QB.
He has a chance to develop his route running and become a good receiver.
A lot of his production hinges off QB play and that has not been great so far in 2019 so again this is tough to judge.
He is a very physical receiver who gets yards after the catch. He does have strong hands to reel in throws away from his body. He also has some versatility and has done a few things in that Colorado Buffaloes offense such as wildcat and end around. His size is also an advantage because he is 6'2 220.
He does not possess game-breaking speed. He will have concentration lapses and drop the football. He is a very raw route runner and often relies on his athleticism and physicality to get him open.
Overall Analysis
He definitely is a solid prospect with room for improvement and I like his physicality and strong hands. He needs to get better at route running as he does not possess great speed. In order to survive in the NFL with average speed, a receiver must rely on his route running ability to get him open. He is a 3rd round prospect may even fall to the 4th. Patriots and Falcons could be a good landing spot for him. Rounds (3-4)
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Mohamed Sanu
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