My Scouting Report for Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson

Team : Baltimore Ravens | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
49mph Clocked arm strength. Often has the ball float through the air when passing downfield.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
During his rookie year, Lamar Jackson mostly threw short slants, screens, swing routes, and in/out routes. Throughout the season Lamar Jackson's short passing accuracy was average. This is primarily due to the fact that he would often throw the ball behind the receiver or too low for the receiver to catch it.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
At the intermediate level, Jackson experienced issues trying to complete passes along the sideline or in tight coverage. However, if a receiver was wide open, Jackson was able to locate the receiver and decent pass to them.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Lamar Jackson's deep passing wasn't horrendous, but he often overthrows receivers down the field. This is probably why Lamar only threw 13 deep passes the entire season, and only completed 5 of them.
Pocket Presence
Jackson is more comfortable in the pocket than many people realize. He is comfortable sitting back in the pocket on passing plays and waiting up to 5-6 seconds for receivers to get open. He also shows a natural ability to know when to move up in the pocket if pressure is coming at him. However, due to his speed and elusiveness, he often holds on to the ball too long because he knows he can out-run defenders.
Has amazing speed and vision when he needs to scramble to extend the play or gain rushing yards. In fact, Jackson would score a perfect 10/10, but his fumbling is a HUGE issue and he takes WAY too much damage when he runs for rushing yards. Ball carrying and sliding need to be emphasized for Lamar during the off-season.
Jackson is able to locate open wide receivers on passing plays, however, due to the Ravens offensive scheme, he sometimes only had one read to look for. Also, he had problems reading the Chargers complex defense. His running vision is impeccable though.
The main problem with Lamar Jackson's accuracy isn't his vision, it's his mechanics. Jackson's main issues with mechanics were that he often didn't get his feet set right, and didn't square his shoulders to the receiver when attempting a pass. Also, his body frequently looked awkward when he dropped back to pass. However, according to Ravens QB coach, James Urban, Jackson's mechanics have improved immensely.
For the most part, Lamar Jackson is a durable quarterback. He has only had to miss one game during his freshman year of college, due to an ankle injury, and missed 2 drives during his rookie year, due to injuries.
Bobby Petrino, Sean Payton, and John Harbaugh have all praised Lamar Jackson for his leadership skills, and his teammates believe he is a natural born leader.
Game Management
Rarely forces the ball unnecessarily down the field and makes good decisions within the offensive scheme he was given. His only issue is that he rarely pushed the ball down the field on drives, but that was mostly due to the offensive scheme he was supplied.
Jackson's IQ is good and he is able to locate receivers who are open. He didn't have to go through his progressions as much as other quarterbacks, but IQ and decision making shouldn't be an issue for Lamar next season.
He has an average height at 6'2", but is way too skinny to be running the ball as much as he does. He needs to get in the weight room and bulk up immediately.
One of the fastest, if not the fastest quarterback in NFL history. He zooms past defenders and is able to consistently beat linebackers and corners to the outside. Also if Jackson gets past the second level, he is guaranteed to score a TD.
Play-Making Ability
Due to his limited arm strength and inability to complete passes in tight-windows, Jackson is not a threat to break out a huge play with his arm. However, he is a threat to break out a big run.
As a runner, Jackson was extremely effective and efficient. As a passer, Jackson wasn't very effective, as he only averaged approximately 190 passing yards a game. However, as the Ravens expand his playbook and give him more freedom to throw the ball downfield, he will become more productive.
Lamar has good IQ, likability, work ethic, and demeanor are all excellent.
Had no legal issues and there were no concerns about him being obnoxious, selfish or a cancerous teammate/individual
Fumbles and inability to throw down the field consistently made it hard for him to be a consistent passer.
Lamar Jackson's strengths include his vision, mobility, work ethic, speed, decision making, and character/leadership.
Jackson's weaknesses mainly pertain to accuracy issues at all levels of the field, arm strength, ball carrying, tight-window accuracy, and mechanics.
Overall Analysis
When Lamar Jackson was inserted as the Baltimore Ravens' starting quarterback, the Ravens were a 4-5 team, praying to make the playoffs. When the regular season ended, Jackson carried the Ravens finished 10-6 and went 6-1 with Lamar as the starter. This was partly due to Lamar Jackson's mobility and speed, as he, Gus Edwards, and Kenny Dixon were able to assemble a deadly running game that was too much for opposing defenses to handle. Additionally, as the season progressed, Lamar Jackson consistently improved as a passer and became more comfortable dropping back in the pocket, reading defenses and completing passes to open receivers. Although while there are many reasons for Ravens fans to rejoice their new franchise quarterback, there is also room for much improvement. This is due to the fact that Lamar Jackson has not even begun to scratch the surface of his potential as a passer. If he can fix his mechanical issues, mitigate the damage he takes on running plays, drastically decrease his fumbling and increases his arm strength, he could be one of the scariest dual-threat quarterbacks in NFL history. While there is a lot to work on for Lamar, his work ethic and demeanor make it likely that he will make the adjustments. Plus, with the additions of rookie WR, Marquise Brown and former Saints running back, Mark Ingram, and former 49ers offensive coordinator, Greg Roman, Lamar Jackson is set up in a good place to succeed.
Compares to
Michael Vick
Untapped potential
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