My Scouting Report for Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray

Team : Arizona Cardinals | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Kyler Murray's deep balls rarely get lost in the air, and he the tightest spiral in the NCAAF last season. He also can complete the ball into tight windows because of his arm strength. Arm strength is definitely his best trait.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
Kyler demonstrated remarkable short-range accuracy due to his ability to beat tight coverage and quickly locate open space.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
Kyler is exceptional from the intermediate-range because of his ability to buy time with his feet and deliver passes on the run or in the pocket.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
Kyler Murray rarely misses an open WR down the field, or with a favorable matchup in one-on-one coverage. He can frequently place the ball into a perfect position because of his arm strength.
Pocket Presence
Kyler didn't have to deal with pressure as much as the average college QB because of how good the Sooners OL was, and because of how bad Big 12 teams were at rushing the passer. However, Kyler has good discipline when it comes to refraining from bailing in the pocket. He only bails if a defender breaks past his OL and he has nobody open. Murray knows when to step up in the pocket and when to scramble to complete a throw on the run. Will need to get the ball out quicker in the NFL.
Mobility is one of Kyler Murray's best traits. Murray's mobility enabled him to successfully and consistently evade defensive linemen and linebackers and either move the chains on the ground or extend the play via scrambling. Furthermore, Murray constantly displayed the ability to deliver an accurate pass when throwing on the run.
Throughout the entirety of last season, Murray was disciplined when it came to routinely go through his progressions and locate open WRs at all levels of the field. As a result, he often stunned safeties because of his vision. Moreover, his pre-snap vision was on display last season, due to his ability to read coverages and schemes and call audibles at the LOS. However, he sometimes stares down his WR.
Mechanics are usually routine and sufficient, but like most collegiate QBs, his mechanics deteriorate when pressured. Doesn't always have the proper footwork or follow through with his trail leg, but consistently has proper arm mechanics and can deliver accurate passes.
Kyler Murray has suffered two hamstring injuries and a concussion but nothing drastic or severe.
Kyler gained respect and kinship from his teammates, and Lincoln Riley said that he was an adequate leader who isn't afraid of holding his teammates accountable and speaking his mind. However, at the combine, executives questioned his leadership capabilities, so he needs to prove them wrong. Murray held WR Lamb accountable when he had an outburst vs. Texas Tech.
Game Management
Murray was able to control the pace of the game and keep a good tempo, especially in tight game situations. He was efficient but not always effective on 3rd downs. Needs to pay more attention to the play clock because he often picked up a delay of game penalties or had to burn time-outs unnecessarily.
Murray is rarely overwhelmed or rattled by the situation or defensive scheme and refrains from scrambling too early. Quickly recognizes when a CB isn't playing well and targets him in one-on-one situations to gain a PI or big play. Needs to pay more attention to the play clock. Tends to force balls into tight windows, but nothing unusual compared to other QBs with stellar arm talent. He will need to improve his decision making against sophisticated defenses though.
Murray has below average height and an underwhelming frame, which led to a lot of scrutiny.
Murray displayed video-game-like speed that helped him beat defenders to the outside and be elusive. Murray is electrifying when running with the ball, both in open space or when outrunning defenders.
Play-Making Ability
Murray is a big-time runner and passer who will create electrifying plays on the ground or deep passes in tight-coverage.
Heisman winner, First-team Associated Press All-American and Player of the Year, Davey O'Brien Award winner, Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year and finalist for the Maxwell Award. Murray was in the top five in NCAA passing efficiency, passing yards, 4,361, passing touchdowns, 42, and rushing yardage by a quarterback, 1,001 yards and 12 TD. However, a lot of this production was due to playing in a weak defensive conference.
Kyler Murray is clutch in late-game situations and has the IQ necessary to make audibles. Also, Murray stuns defenders with good fakes and his vision. He was also tenacious against Alabama in the Orange Bowl, even though his defense played horribly. However, there was some discussion about how well his work ethic, study skills, and football IQ is.
No red flags, but was called out during the combine for bad interviews (just like Mayfield and other QBs though).
Murray exhibited consistency and development throughout his lone season at Oklahoma, and never played poorly.
Kyler Murray's biggest strengths are his arm strength and mobility. His exceptional arm strength is the reason why he was able to consistently deliver tight spirals at short and intermediate levels and push the ball down the field. Furthermore, Murray also possesses the arm talent necessary to beat tight-coverage (highest completion percentage into tight windows of all College QBs by pro football focus) and place the ball perfectly where the defender couldn't reach it. When he was pressured, Murray demonstrated the ability to consistently evade the defender while having the discipline to extend the play and throw an accurate ball on the run, rather than bail and gain rushing yards. As a result, Murray was one of the best QBs in college when it came to throwing on the run. Likewise, Murray was also the best QB when it came to gaining rushing yards because of his electrifying, video-game-like speed, that helped him to beat defenders to the outside while forcing missed tackles with his elusiveness. Murray's elusiveness and awareness are the reason why he has an excellent pocket presence and made it extremely difficult for Big 12 defenders to even get a hand on him. Kyler Murray also possesses phenomenal vision, that enables him to go through his progressions, and locate open WRs, and the IQ necessary to recognize when CBs are playing poorly in coverage. Resultantly, Murray repeatedly and consistently attacked every Big 12 defense he played.
Similar to most QBs that have the combination of exceptional arm talent and strength, Kyler Murray often forces the ball into tight-windows and double coverage. However, in the NFL, where windows get smaller, and defenses disguise their coverages, Murray is going to have to improve his decision making and only throw the ball into extremely tight-windows when necessary. Likewise, Kyler needs to make sure he doesn't stare down the WR because he tended to do that when on the run. Murray also desperately needs to improve his recognition of the play clock because there were far too many instances where he had to burn a time-out or picked up a delay of game penalty. Murray will also need to improve his mechanics because he often exhibits faulty mechanics when pressure is in his face. For instance, his trail leg will be awkward, or he will be reluctant to step forward. Moreover, Kyler is going to need to work on getting the ball out quicker in the NFL because he won't be able to hold onto the ball for 5+ seconds due to the Cardinals bad OL. The most significant concern with Kyler Murray is his size because he is a short QB.
Overall Analysis
Kyler Murray is going to be an exciting player for the Arizona Cardinals next season. He will showcase his exceptional accuracy and mobility while creating big plays on both the ground and through the air. There will be some growing pains because the fact that Murray won't be able to rely on the open windows he had in the Big 12, but he will be a player that excels at beating tight coverage. Having Kliff Kingsbury as his head coach will assist Murray because he will be accustomed in the same offense he was successful in at Oklahoma. He will need to work on taking care of the football, and not forcing the ball into tight windows, but Murray's vision will help him find those easy completions to move the chains down the field. Moreover, if he can maintain his discipline and refrain from scrambling past the line of scrimmage too early and not taking unnecessary hits, Murray will be the best dual-threat QB in the NFL. Likewise, Kingsbury is going to need to get the ball out of his hands quickly because his new OL won't give him much time to look for open defenders. However, his ability to evade pressure and extend plays will also be an added benefit for this offense.
Compares to
Russell Wilson with more speed and elusiveness
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak