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Kyle Pitts

Team : Florida Gators (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Tight End [TE]

Kyle Pitts has a tremendous speed for a TE and is projected to run a 4.53 40-yard dash. Therefore, he can outrun DBs with straight-line speed.
Pass Catching
Kyle Pitts is the most sure-handed pass catcher in this draft class. Due to his 6'6" height and his insane ability to contort his body, Pitts has an incredible catch radius. Therefore, he is a contested-catch monster who was Kyle Trask's favorite target, even when DBs smothered him in coverage. Plus, according to PFF, he dropped no passes in 2020. His ability to maintain catches through traffic is elite.
Route Running
Kyle Pitts has incredibly smooth footwork and agility. As a result, he regularly gains separation after forming crisp cuts. Moreover, he is extremely effective at using the stop-and-go move to stun DBs and burn them on fly or post routes. While he is great at getting in and out of breaks, he can improve at beating press coverage and mitigating inefficient steps.
Contrary to popular belief, Kyle Pitts has adequate strength for a tight end. His strength gives him an advantage in contested catch situations. However, he should strengthen his lower body to give him better leverage as a blocker.
Run Blocking
Kyle Pitts is a decent run blocker who shows tons of effort. Due to his diligence and toughness, Pitts is never afraid to put his head down and attempt to set the edge. However, he desperately needs to work on his blocking technique. More specifically, he needs to bend his knees more, chop/buzz his feet quicker, and strengthen his lower body.
Kyle Pitts is a naturally gifted athlete with awesome elusiveness. Pitts' agility lets him run fluid routes, adjust his body to complete spectacular catches, and excel after chip blocks.
Run After Catch
During his college career, over one-third of Kyle Pitts' yards came after the catch. This impressive accomplishment is due to Pitts's constant ability to gain separation from defenders. Due to his large frame, Pitts is difficult to bring down when he is running in stride.
Big Play Ability
Kyle Pitts is a consistent big-play threat whenever he is on the field. His spectacular catches and success on deep passes are going to make him an excellent receiving TE in the NFL. His ability to move the chains on intermediate catches will also electrify an offense on third and long plays.
Kyle Pitts missed a game against Vanderbilt with a concussion after an illegal cheapshot. He also missed another game against LSU after complications from surgery.
Last season, Kyle Pitts led all TEs in PFF grade and receiving yardage. He also tied for the most TD receptions with 12 scores. As a result, he won the John Mackey Award for the best TE in NCAAF and was a unanimous all-American.
Kyle Pitts is an excellent teammate and extremely coachable. After transitioning from QB to TE, Pitts proved that he is a very smart football player who can learn on the fly. Therefore, it isn't surprising that Dan Mullen decided to deploy him in multiple formations across the field. Plus, he is an unselfish man who will gladly block and run decoy routes when necessary.
All NFL teams would greatly benefit from a guy like Kyle Pitts. For starters, he is an incredibly gifted and talented TE whose football IQ is off the charts. As a result, he can be utilized at the usual TE spot on the LOS or play out wide. Regardless of where he lines up, Pitts is a diligent football player whose character and upside are outstanding.
Last season, Kyle Pitts excelled in every game he played.
Kyle Pitts' most significant strength is his versatility. Last season, Pitts showed that he is successful at running fantastic routes while playing TE or WR. His deadly stop-and-go move is nearly impossible to stop due to his agility and 6'6" frame. Pitts is a clean pass-catcher who can contort his body to haul in contested/spectacular catches after getting in and out of his breaks. Even if a DB is draped over Kyle, he has the concentration skills necessary to maintain the catch through contact. Therefore, he is the second-best weapon in this draft class. Moreover, Kyle Pitts projects to be especially big-play threat on intermediate and deep routes where his combination of height, speed, and athleticism overpower DBs.
Run blocking and pass protection will be areas where Kyle Pitts needs to improve. While he is far from a liability in those areas, he is only a decent blocker due to his consistent effort. However, Pitts desperately needs to work on his blocking technique. More specifically, he needs to bend his knees more, chop/buzz his feet quicker, and strengthen his lower body. If he can do that, then he will undoubtedly become an elite NFL TE.
Overall Analysis
Kyle Pitts is the second-best pass-catcher in this draft due to his route running, hands, and natural athleticism. Due to his high football IQ, versatility, and physical traits, it will be easy for a head coach to incorporate him into multiple formations. In fact, it makes sense for Pitts to operate as a chip blocker, in-line blocker, near the LOS, or out wide. While any team would benefit from a guy like Kyle Pitts, the Eagles, Bengals, Panthers, and Patriots could surely use a TE like him. Additionally, QBs like Lamar Jackson would benefit from a safety valve like Pitts. While Darren Waller is the obvious comparison, Travis Kelce is another TE who plays similarly to Pitts.
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